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What’s in Season and How To Get the Best Out of Them

As with each season, particularly in the spring, there are fruits and vegetables a plenty to choose from wherever you live.

Primarily the tender sweet tendrils of spring, fresh greens, bright colors and other hallmarks of the quiet of winter’s slumber ending and the beginning of the bounty of spring and summer. How you prepare these seasonal goodies will make all the difference. The markets produce section suddenly comes alive! Make a list of some new things to try and some seasonal things just worth waiting for.

When you get your goodness home, take them out of the plastic bags from the market and place them into washable or reusable produce bags. I’ve had great results using these bags because they are breathable which allows the gasses to escape, saving your vegetables from perishing too quickly. Tupperware also has special plastic bins designed with adjustable vent holes. Be sure the humidity controls for your crisper drawers are at the right setting for what’s inside. Get out your big salad bowls, vinaigrette supplies and fresh herbs and live it up this month with bold colors and bright flavors.

Be sure to cook them gently, as overcooking makes them mushy, changes the taste and removes the lovely color. Those poor vegetables don’t deserve to be boiled so harshly! You still want firmness and lovely color so treat your now-cooked delicious market finds to a cold ice water bath to shock those little veggies. This immediately stops the cooking process to help preserve all that makes them so grand in the first place. There are some great Spring favorites this month: April is a great month to get things like: Asparagus, chard, spring onion, leeks and artichokes. These veg can easily be transformed into fresh fare like omelets, quiches or fritata, tarts, soups, added to stews or just steamed and tossed with butter and olive oil and chopped fresh herbs.

Remember, whatever you choose that’s in season will invariably taste better, be fresher and cost less. Check the charts for those that pertain to your country.

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