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Timeless Design and Modern Technology: Luxury Furnishing from Jetclass

Jetclass Luxus livingroom in Black

Jetclass Group’s limitless styles and approaches have long conquered the demanding luxury world.

Jetclass is a luxury furniture company with exclusive designs. The company stands out for suggesting to worldwide luxury markets a complete offer, in different style approaches. Jetclass also offer a personalized service of design, planning and production of customized furniture pieces and ranges, according to the luxury quality standards.

Timeless in Design, Modern in Technology

Founded by the Moreira Family, Jetclass is the result from their deep experience and extensive knowledge, rooted in the tradition of several generations and strengthened in a continued professional development in the Portuguese furniture industry. The heritage of Jetclass together with the creativity of their designers, the very latest cutting edge innovation and technology of their industrial plant and a permanent development by means of partnerships with National Universities. The company continuously seek the perfect balance between the classical and the modern aesthetics, supported by continuous research and development, resulting in leading-edge, high technology and anticipation of trends.

Automated Features, Accents and Finishes

Jetclass furniture has unique automated features in several models such as chests and frames that disguise electronics like flat screen TVs and media players, some have mini fridges and open at the press of a button, drawers with secret compartments that reveal on command. Each piece is sleek and stylish, with lacquered finishes and accents that vary in color from old gold to more bold and vibrant tones.

Along with the most refined interior designers, and the boldest architects, Jetclass Group’s brands are enhancing the most striking Hotels, Palaces and Mansions to satisfy exquisite and exclusive desires that inspire.

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