travel wardrobe


Travel Wardrobe: Chic and Comfortable How many times have you arrived to your destination and your clothes are rumpled, mismatched and awkward to pair together making dressing well and feeling good an unusual challenge? We have such a limited wardrobe when you are away from home and carrying little is typically desired because of weight issues, cost of extra bags and having to lug them around. So what’s a chic traveler to do? Choose solid colors and go monochromatic! Having a simple patternless monochromatic color palate is chic and guaranteed mix-and-match enabled for easy layering. With the right type of pieces, your favorites added combined with destination suited items, will offer you a wider variety of outfits to choose from. Perfect for strolling through the museums through to dinner. Want to add a bit of color or dress it up for evening? A simple additions of accessories, a colored scarf,…