This Tiramisu is perfect to make not only because of the no-cook factor, the fabulous taste and elegant presentation – which can be enhanced with a simple sprig of mint and a little biscotti on the side, but it is very fast to make. This is one recipe I constantly get asked to make: Tiramisu. This dessert in my home has been made for all occasions, casual Saturday afternoon lunch, brunch, dinner and for dinner parties. It’s simplicity is made special with the addition of some unexpected ingredients! Gourmet Tiramisu with Cognac Ingredients 1 ½ cup coffee, cooled or lukewarm 2 T Cognac 400g Cream cheese 1 cup Heavy cream 1/3 cup Icing sugar 2 teaspoons Vanilla extract Dash of cinnamon 2 packages of Ladyfingers Method 1. Place coffee in a medium bowl. Add in 2 tbsp cognac and stir gently to blend. Set aside 2. Place cream cheese in…