• Damian Hirst Colombe 2016 Cristal, Photo François Fernandez
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    LALIQUE + Damien Hirst ETERNAL Collection

    Time stands still; life and beauty, death and chaos are frozen in crystal: The Eternal Collection is a series of sculptures and panels rendered in exquisite crystal in a collaboration between British artist Damien Hirst and Lalique. World exclusive presentation of twelve works from the ‘Eternal’ collection: sculptures and crystal panels created by Damien Hirst and crafted by Lalique’s master glassmakers. The presentation of these exceptional pieces is the culmination of four years of research and innumerable conversations between Hirst and Lalique, combining the creative expertise of both artist and craftsmen. The themes are that which have remained central to Hirst’s work since the late 1980s. In this collection, the British artist…