private jets


Flying on a jet offers the experience of cradling you in comfort, luxurious surroundings, whilst receiving top service and furthering the olfactory experience, fine Michelin-starred chef prepared food enjoyed with a glass of champagne. There’s more going on than meets the eye with this experience – there is science at play and a multi-sensory experience happening. NetJets are Masters of Champagne, and they’d like to take you on a journey. Every taste of your Champagne triggers a fresh new flavour sensation, amplified and enhanced by sensory cues taken in from your surroundings. When you’re on a jet, it could be anything from the soft lighting in the cabin or the quality of the air around you to the soothing jazz playing in the background. Before that delicious syrup hits your palette, your experience has been defined by your environment. When you’re drinking your in-flight Krug Grande Cruvée, you’re doing so…