luxury spas


Lose yourself in the pleasures of a spa visit. Indulge in spa services designed to relax, restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Time at the spa is time well spent. The liquid environment returns us to a state of play. The feel and sound of water soothes especially while in the water, you’ve submerge your ears just below the waters surface and block out all other sounds other than those in the invisible watery world – overflowing baths, Vichy showers, aromatherapy, the power and healing quality of water. Presenting some spas for you to consider for your next escape: Kohler Waters Spa at the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews Kohler Waters Spa at the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews, opened to the public for the first time this January 2018 and offers a range of bathing experiences designed to increase mood and boost energy levels during the colder…