luxury mattress


Portugal known for many things — Port Wine, Tapas, Fado music, ceramic tiles, but it has also become known for its exceptional sleep product, the Persono luxury mattress. Opened in 2003, Persono is a company created by a team whose sole purpose is to manufacture a mattress masterpiece. Persono offers mattress collections that have been developed to optimize comfort, all meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. As Persono’s logo states, “The mattress dimensions are what you choose — nothing is standard: the only standard is you.” The Persono mission is defined by one essential: helping the consumer sleep well. Their products are handmade, using the most advanced materials that are completely made to measure. Though Persono began its journey in Portugal, its luxury brand has now moved worldwide. The mattresses have been exhibited at the Brussels Furniture Fair, IMM Cologne, Maison & Object and Mueble Zaragoza. Mattresses Fit…