interview with Diana Verde Nieto


In this ongoing series, EAT LOVE SAVOR interviews women that are making a difference in the field of luxury across many categories and around the world, celebrating their leadership, innovation and the many positive changes they are making in the business of luxury. Luxury as a business is a vastly complex landscape, blending past and present with the needs of today and tomorrow. There are a great many people making great strides in ensuring it remains strong and relevant. It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to a company making a big impact with the potential to make an even bigger ripple, a butterfly effect – Positive Luxury. Their mission is “Inspiring people to buy better and influencing brands to do better.”  DIANA VERDE NIETO, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, POSITIVE LUXURY Diana Verde Nieto is the co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, the company behind the Butterfly Mark; a unique…