Highlife Asia


EAT LOVE SAVOR’s Editor in Chief had the opportunity to chat with Mark Byrne, CEO of luxury concierge and lifestyle management company located in Shanghai, Highlife Asia, about China’s growing force in the luxury market. Tell us about the luxury industry in Shanghai. In brief, Shanghai is leading the way in consumption of lavish, high-end, and often large luxury items. For example, Chinese people are buying jumbo luxury jets, yachts, cars, and everything in between to satisfy their cravings for big, bold, and expensive products. And luxurious accommodations and state-of-the art office buildings are anything, but few and far between as impressive residential and commercial real estate developments seem to pop up daily to accommodate the influx of both locals and foreigners to the prosperous city. The rapid development of the high-end shopping industry perhaps best demonstrates the impeccable growth of China. Designer / luxury shopping is so popular that…