Harrod’s London


You’re amidst the hustle and bustle of busy Knightsbridge, London when you find yourself at the foot of Harrods’ entranceway. For a brief moment you consider going along on your merry way, however, the beautiful window display catches your eye — you simply cannot resist the temptation. Its irresistible… and really, who could blame you? Just a quick visit, you tell yourself, full well knowing you could spend endless hours perusing the world-famous department store that’s frequented by the royal family, high society and tourists from both near and far. The Beauty and the Architecture After soaking up the exquisite architecture, including the Egyptian Escalator and Lady Diana memorials that never fail to impress, it’s time to peruse the stores. Inside there’s a little something for everyone, as reflective by the Harrods’s motto : ‘Omnia Omnibus Unique’ – ‘All Things for All People, Everywhere.’ Luxuries Abound! From clothing, electronics and…