This recipe for Smoked Duck and Summer Truffle Salad with Truffle-Honey Mustard Vinaigrette is easy to prepare, very flavorful, and unique. The smoked duck breast, duck bacon and baked ricotta salata cheese give the salad substance, making a perfect summer meal. There are only a few weeks left for French summer truffle season, so make this recipe while truffles are still available. If you miss the window for summer truffles, you could easily substitute Burgundy truffles. Italian summer truffles can also be used, however, French summer black truffles are more flavorful than Italian summer truffles and they generally have a more pleasing aroma. Summer truffles from Italy tend to be a lighter color inside, though they sometimes look almost identical. In our experience, summer truffles with a very light beige, almost cream colored interior have less truffle flavor than summer truffles which have a darker beige or tan interior. Before…