Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer


Embedded in the picturesque landscape of the Italian Alps and surrounded by majestic forests, a lavishly furnished and decorated castle tells a story about ancient times. For 650 years, this privately owned castle has been in the possession of the aristocrat family of Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer. The sprawling and lordly residence with more than 80 rooms accommodates the family and their guests in 15 bedrooms with 14 washrooms and the generous knights hall for extravagant soirees. Besides a well-equipped library and cosy living rooms, the gardens and apple orchards invite guests to linger and enjoy the breath taking view over the Non Valley. Castel Valer Beautifully Preserved Original Architecture Many myths and legends surround Castel Valer, which was built between the 12th and 17th centuries on the site of Roman ruins. Initially owned by ancient Romans and then an Austrian Emperor, it also served Pope Pius IX…