Alexander McDiarmid


It is not hard to be impressed by a superyacht. After all, they irresistibly draw the eye as they make their stately progress from port to port. They are the pinnacle of the luxury experience; but that luxury is most certainly based in their design and engineering. It is the superyacht designer who is responsible for creating a vessel that is unique to each owner and that manifests that owner’s specific vision of performance and appearance. However, there are those that argue that the world of superyacht design could use some shaking up. One such mover and shaker is Alexander McDiarmid. With a strong background in Industrial Design via both undergraduate and graduate work at the Schools of Design and Engineering at Coventry University in the UK, Alexander McDiarmid acquired extensive design experience working in the studios of Gilles Vaton Architecture Group, Philippe Briand, and Tony Castro. Projects ranged from…