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Steinway & Sons Launches “Armonia Limited Edition By Baldi”


Over the last hundred years, some of the world’s most talented designers and artists have worked with Steinway & Sons to create a wide repertoire of unique, striking pianos.

Discover Steinway & Sons “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi”, designed in collaboration with renowned Italian luxury furniture and decorative accessories for interior Baldi Home Jewels.

“Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between two outstanding luxury brands, each committed to the highest quality and artisanship. Their shared quest for perfection make Steinway & Sons and Baldi Home Jewels the ideal partners. Both have been shaped by a long and close relationship with the arts and subsequently share the sheer joy in creating something beautiful for generations to come.

Shared Philosophies on Perfection and History

Their collective passions and values are apparent throughout their work, most notably in their shared philosophies on perfection and history. Steinway & Sons has been synonymous with the highest standards in quality for over 160 years; master to apprentice, generation after generation, every Steinway is built with decades of experience, by artisans who take pride in ‘building the best piano possible’, as once stated by Henry E. Steinway.

Steinway & Sons – Precision & Passion – Inspiration & Experience from Steinway & Sons on Vimeo.

Baldi, for 150 years, has been creating impressive Works of Art, thanks to its expertise, experience and artisans secrets and skills. The impeccable use of precious stones, such as malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, tiger eye, the inimitable shapes of the mouth-blown crystal and the round and harmonious forms of the bronze, 24kt gold or silver or plated, elevates the company as undisputed master of classic and a nowadays symbol of the Florentine Renaissance. Baldi’s creations are all produced at the factory in Firenze, Italy, where dedicated artisans combine exceptional mastery of modern techniques and traditional skills.

Inspiration From a Timeless Art

To build an instrument combining the best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Baldi Home Jewels, the designers decided to work in two segments: First with a signature bronze from the Baldi archives and second with astonishing precious stones. The bronzes, designed by Baldi Studio, taking inspiration from a timeless art, follow a tradition started in the second half of the 19th century.


“Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” is available in five different piano designs, featuring melodious names like “Acanto”, “Impero”, “Muse”, “Richelieu” and “Sherazad”. Clients can choose between different bronze applications, and each design is limited to ten grand pianos. “Armonia” is characterized by precious bronzes which are all lost-wax casted and hand-chiseled. The self-built tools created ad hoc by the artisans decorate, enhance and highlight the shapes of the bronzes, creating a powerful sensation of depth. After the gold plating galvanic process, the bronzes will carefully be placed on the grand pianos at the Baldi workshop.

Special Edition Grand Pianos

The Ad-Personam Special Edition Grand Pianos, which represent the second segment, are characterized by precious stones and will be finalized in Florence at Baldi Home Jewels factory. Cut in thin slices, the hard stones are attached in small pieces on the surface of the piano with the original antique technique of Mosaico Russo; hereafter, the stone mosaic is grinded and polished by hand to create a gloss finish. The result are beautiful pieces of art, which showcases Baldi’s signature.

Each Steinway Grand Piano “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” will be distributed exclusively through the Steinway and through the Baldi network.


About Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons pianos are the choice of nine out of ten concert pianists as well as countless professionals and amateurs. Since 1853 the company’s pianos, each of which takes around a year to make, have set an uncompromising standard for sound, craftsmanship, design and investment. The company only has two factories world-wide, based in Hamburg and New York.  //  @SteinwayAndSons

About Baldi Home Jewels

From 1867 to 2017. 150 years that express the unmistakable Baldi reality. This is the history of two prestigious families, Consani and Ponziani. The Ponziani family and consequently their “Bottega dei Restauri Antichi” became famous for their furniture reproductions, made unique for their perfect knowledge of restore technique and for their passion for the ancient times.The Consiani boast as most representative exponent Vincenzo Consani, who had realized statues, busts and commemorative monuments in pure neo-classic style, still preserved nowadays in renowned buildings such as Palazzo Pitti in Firenze. Here is it possible to admire “La Vittoria” statue, whose date date of creation, 1867, became the icon of Baldi’s brand, representing its historical accuracy and witnessing its value. Art and craftsmanship, inspiration and dexterity merge together, creating an unique patrimony.  //  @baldihomejewels

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