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What Does Home Mean to You?

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The definition of the word home means different things to different people, but at its heart, it means the same thing: that soft place to land at the end of the day that supports us and provides us shelter.

Home can mean and do much more for us than that, and in doing so, provides us with a greater source of strength and well-being not just for ourselves, but for everyone that lives in it and who visits it. According to John Ruskin, the Victorian English art critic and social thinker, his definition of home was “Peace: This is the true nature of home – it is the place of Peace; the shelter, not only from injury, but from all terror, doubt and division.”

tunner_angela_7904What Home Means to Angela Tunner, Editor-in-Chief

Home is an Oasis. A place to renew and indulge our senses, provides safety, gives ultimate comfort and luxuriation. Home is our soft place to land, to prepare us to tackle the world outside our door. It is much more than four walls: it is a place that surrounds us with beauty, feeds and nurtures us.”

We Asked Celebrities and Notables: What Does Home Mean to You?

I asked this question to a few of my celebrity friends to find out what it meant to them. Here’s what they said:


author, French Women Don’t Get Fat, France, & New York

Home is a high priority in life in my book. It means a place of my/our own, a nest, a refuge, a place where we can live, relax, cook, have fun, share with friends and relatives and much more in privacy.

Visit Mireille Guiliano’s online home:


cookbook author, cooking teacher & chef, Gascony, France

My home: a refuge, a maelstrom, a haven of hours. Bathed in changing light, growing, untidy w/ friends. A Table, a Kitchen, France. Camont.

Visit Kate Hill’s online home:


world renowned wine and food writer, Canada

Home to me means quiet conversation, an uncorked bottle, two glasses just poured and the evening ahead.

Visit Natalie Maclean’s online home:

What Does Home Mean to You?

All around the world, no matter who you ask, it seems the feeling about home is all the same: ‘Home’ is more than just a place to sleep, it is a powerful place that has a profound effect on us all and a place to take pride in, nurture and enjoy. We’d love to hear what you think… what does home mean to you?


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