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Rediscover: Sterling Silver

While trends may come and go, there are some pieces that remain true classics and that withstand the changing whims of society.

There have been changes in popularity, but sterling silver has remained a well-loved material for various uses, including fashion and home décor. It is easy to overlook just how many beautiful pieces are created from this material.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, silver represented the epitome of luxury in society. The height of this popularity in the United States and Europe extended from the mid 1800’s until the mid 1900’s. During this time, sterling silver flatware was an absolute necessity when setting a proper table and silver companies would offer up to 100 different flatware and serve ware pieces in their lines. This also led to an increase in the amount of companies specializing in the luxury of silver. At this time, it was not uncommon for meals to include 10 or more courses and the serve ware necessary for these meals were beautifully decorated and sometimes even embellished with ivory.

Tiffany & Co

Though sterling silver fell out of favor to some degree around the time of the Second World War, due to a change in attitudes where people no longer wanted to tend to the silver to keep it polished. Despite this, the luxury still remains. Currently, there are many companies that specialize in sterling silver dinnerware and jewelry. One of  the famous Tiffany & Co. While our modern world allows for the ability to view these pieces online, they are still just as traditionally beautiful as ever.


Christofle is a manufacturer of fine silver flatware and home accessories based in France since 1830. Christofle is renowned for their sterling, silverplate and stainless flatware and is well known for their silver holloware. The origins of Christofle date to 1830 when Charles Christofle, a jeweler, assumed management of his wife’s family jewelry workshops.

Sterling silver provides a sense of luxury that cannot be touched by many other pieces. Everyday activities are uplifted by the incorporation of these gorgeous items. Everyday activities are uplifted by the incorporation of these gorgeous items. Sterling silver affords a sense of elegance to the simplest daily pursuits and thus adds a lovely dose of luxury.

by Kendra Murphy

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