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Rebecca Robins and Manfredi Ricca, Honorary Judges of the 2014 Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Rebecca Robins and Manfredi Ricca are appointed Honorary Judges of the 2014 Luxury Lifestyle Awards for their acknowledged experience and expertise of the luxury sector.

Rebecca Robins, Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America and Manfredi Ricca, Managing Director of Interbrand Italy have been appointed Honorary Judges of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014. The ceremony will take place on August 29, 2014 at The Langham in London, UK. Interbrand is the world’s leading brand consultancy.

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“To have our talents and expertise acknowledged by such a renowned award is an important achievement, said Simon Bailey, CEO of Interbrand EMEA & LatAm. “Rebecca and Manfredi have uniquely examined what is at the heart of true luxury and we are very proud that the ‘Meta-luxury’ paradigm has become part of the global luxury lexicon.” The Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international award that aims to honour the best in the realm of luxury. The competition brings together leading brands of different segments of the luxury industry across several countries, prizing the most original initiatives and outstanding achievements with a handcrafted 24-carat Golden Crown created by the famed jewellery brand Faraone Mennella.

The illustrious judging panel consists of a Main and Honorary jury. The Main Jury comprises one representative from each of the nominated companies, while the Honorary Jury incorporates the management of international luxury brands – including Brioni, Escada, Loewe, LVMH and Montblanc International as well as independent experts, recognized specialists and editors of luxury publications.

Rebecca Robins and Manfredi Ricca have been selected for their acknowledged experience and expertise of the luxury market and for having introduced the paradigm of ‘Meta-luxury.’ This approach, presented in the book, Meta-Luxury: brands and the culture of excellence, co-written by Robins and Ricca, sets out to define the ultimate meaning of true luxury, exploring it both as a culture and business model. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, the book has been hailed as a breakthrough and has received notable attention from The Financial Times, Branding Magazine, Warc, among many other leading business and marketing trade publications.

About Interbrand
Founded in 1974, Interbrand ( is the world’s leading brand consultancy. With nearly 40 offices in 27 countries, Interbrand’s combination of rigorous strategy, analytics, and world-class design enables it to assist clients in creating and managing brand value effectively, across all touchpoints, in all market dynamics. By understanding and anticipating the changing needs and demands of consumers, the firm helps its clients across industries, to drive greater business growth while solving their most pressing business challenges. Interbrand is widely recognized for its annual Best Global Brands report, the definitive guide to the world’s most valuable brands, as well as its Best Global Green Brands report, which identifies the gap between customer perception and a brand’s performance relative to sustainability. It is also known for having created, a Webby-award winning resource about brand marketing and branding. Interbrand is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE:OMC) network of agencies. For more information, please visit us at and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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