Mention the name Bina Goenka and it is a brand synonymous with luxury, beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and quality.

The creative force behind the high-end jewellery brand is Bina Goenka, a successful and pre-eminent creative-entrepreneur and socialite, and a leading pioneer in the international jewellery fraternity.

The Bina Goenka brand exudes style, decadence and individuality, and retails from £3,000 to £125,000. Having studied her craft for over 15 years, Bina creates jewellery that is akin to modern art. Her brief is elegance and luxury, and she achieves this by working in tandem with the precious materials she uses. Each hand-crafted piece makes a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through the generations.

Art and Science Beautifully Entwined

Bina’s philosophy uniquely entwines elements of art in the creative design process with scientific practices in the manufacture, ensuring that each item is produced to the highest quality and precision. With the Bina Goenka brand, you are assured a jewellery service that will last a lifetime.

The Bina Goenka collection features an array of bespoke pieces, from stunning pendants to precious-stone necklaces, signature bracelets and rings, making them perfect for any occasion, from engagements to weddings, birthday gifts, or just if you want to indulge yourself.

Statement Jewelry

Her unique and bespoke designer jewellery are bold statement pieces, which perfectly embody Bina’s sense of creativity, passion and showmanship. Bina says of her jewellery: “I design for the confident woman who knows what she wants. She is never a fashion victim rather a trendsetter. Her jewellery never shouts just quietly underlines her unique personality and complements her lifestyle.”

Heirlooms in the Making

Bina Goenka came to prominence in 2007 when she opened her flagship store in India’s trend capital, Mumbai, and positioned it in the ultra-chic Grand Hyatt Plaza Hotel. Attracting a star-studded guest list of celebrities and VIPs, she showcased her stunning range at the launch event to a suitably impressed audience.

With over 15 years of experience in jewellery design and manufacturing, Bina has taken her brand to new heights and boasts an impressive international clientele of distinguished VIPs and celebrities, from film stars to music industry figures, diplomats, business people and even royalty. Bina’s designs are worn by people from different cultures, across the world.

Bina’s list of notable credits includes being a founder member of the WJA (Women’s Jewellery Association); a spokesperson at a FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) panel discussion on the emergence of designer jewellery and future prospects of the category; and being a judge at various high-profile awards ceremonies. In addition, she has participated in several jewellery exhibitions and fashion shows, as well as staging her own successful exhibitions.

Her exclusive clientele includes international royalty, high profile celebrities, dignitaries and the affluent glitterati.

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