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Discover our look at the luxury of time. From the history of watches, to future heirlooms, a glossary of watch terminology and a view of the luxury of time itself. The theme for this special issue was inspired by a fascination for fine timepieces, ones crafted with great craftsmanship and excellence. Celebrating time well spent, the timelessness of a legacy of roses by fine jewelry and watch maker Piaget and more delightful stories to enjoy for time well spent.

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EAT LOVE SAVOR® is a prestigious publication beyond the ordinary. Created for those with discerning tastes. A best kept secret in luxury and a must-read for those who wish to be indulged in refinement and entertained with class. For all the tiers of wealth. In your hands you’ll have something very special and rare, that few will have. We are a foremost advocate of intelligent, informative editorials, interviews and feature. EAT LOVE SAVOR® bridges the gap between old world knowledge of luxury and the modern age need for a holistic approach to luxury living, all with a feminine touch. Brands cannot pay for coverage allowing us to be unbiased in our guiding readers through our world of luxury goods, services, and experiences. Inside every edition is a timeless, immersive luxury experience from cover to cover.  Designed with a high quality and design sense. Let us guide you through our beautiful world!

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Letter from the Editor

There is something so enchanting about the gentle sound of a masterfully created timepiece. My love affair with the timepieces began long ago, falling in love with a gorgeous piece of art that was my grandparents Grandfather clock. Sitting with great authority in the foyer in their massive home, echoing up the circular staircase, with its confident announcements of the time; there was a great comfort in that clock, as though it was a father watching over its family giving them a sense of comfort merely with its presence. As I would fall asleep, I smiled to myself when the house quieted and all I could hear was that lovely clock. During the day, as the sunshine would pour into the window and glint off the gold weights and pendulum, I would sit at the base of the stairs mesmerized by the structured movement and the quiet strength it exuded. They have long passed and whatever became of the clock, I am unsure; it must have been passed on to one of the adult children, I am sure, as there were many of them. What remains, in me, is an indelible memory of an experience with a clock that endures and stirred my fascination.

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR®

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