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The Masterful 100



Discover our list of the top luxury experts and brands, and immerse yourself in excellence exploring our curated selections of excellent goods, services and experiences! The theme for this special issue was inspired by the pursuit of excellence and celebrating the countless men and women, all who champion Excellence in everything they do and offer to you in the creation of their fine goods, services and experiences. They embody passion, skill, love and an expression of artistic joy and appreciation for levels of quality far beyond the ordinary.

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Beautiful, timeless, collectible coffee-table publication designed with a high quality, artistic sensibility & zero advertising. In your hands you’ll have something very special and rare, that few will have. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is not for everyone, but it means everything to those who resonate with the EAT LOVE SAVOR® mindset and approach to living.

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Letter from the Editor

For as long as I can remember, I have been aware of the finer things in life and appreciated good quality. To me, what quality looked like aligned with my discovering and falling in love with Antiques. What struck me in looking at high-quality versus lesser quality, you could see and feel the difference in the level of care, choice of materials, how things were fastened, joined or applied, right down to the last detail. Even in the everyday items, there was a higher level of quality. That quality item had that something special to the touch and feel, which was absent in lesser quality items. There is an essence; something alive, as if it had its own heart beat, giving it an added depth of value which immediately made the item more meaningful. In handling that which was made with excellence in mind, it was as though you could connect with the souls that made it, feel the outpouring of passion that went into it. The details exuded love and these factors made the item all the more precious. As mass manufacturing grew, pulling us further away from “made to last” and evermore towards “made for now”, the quality of even everyday items slipped even further and the chasm between quality levels grew even wider.

It was said back in the 1800s that an object made a soulful connection with its owner. I believe that to be true of those well made items from the past. But what of items made in modern times? I believe this to be true only of items made by passionate people, purposefully created to be of greater quality and made from the heart. Anything else, is simply soulless because how can we form any deep soulful connection to something hollow, devoid of heart, real human connection, and is made to be disposable? It’s simply not in our nature. Part of what makes us human, is that we crave connection with people, and people who make quality things have forged a part of themselves into whatever they made.

The more that mass manufacturing mindset has proliferated, and constant consumerism dominated, it tightened its choke hold and grabbed on our collective consciousness. Some of the the terrible consequences include that we were buying a lot of meaningless stuff, we now shopped more often, even for entertainment replacing time spent with loved ones and leisure. The language of marketing became commonplace and this changed our lives. We were filling a void created by this new mindset, and there began a vicious cycle. Landfills began to fill up with countless discarded items. Things that at one time could be repaired that were made to last decades, even centuries, was no more. I grew increasingly concerned for what this was doing to the soul of society and the generationally reaching negative effects of mass consumption.

There is hope. Select things and activities that add value to life, choose things that are worth keeping, that are designed to transcend time, and have value beyond the sentimental, perhaps for the next generation or have value to sell if that is desired helps to break the cycle of mass consumption and disposability, so we can we place value back where it belongs – on people and the planet before profit. Choosing quality is a way of life. It shows that you care about yourself and those around you.

For those serving the luxury sector, excellence is part of a future focused business model I highly recommended the book “Meta-luxury: Brands and the Culture of Excellence”. In it is an excellent blueprint and its a must-read for those who seek to learn more about the pillars and values of luxury for themselves or for their luxury business.

As we race into an increasingly modern technological tomorrow we must not forget those traditional values including quality, excellence, value and worth all which will become even more important to hang onto and keep them relevant to modern times. These factors are important because true luxury is a state of mind and approach to living. It is a focused intention00 and a beautiful mode of self expression that resonates in a harmonious melody.

While in this inaugural list, only 100 luxury experts were selected, we know there are scores more. We applaud you all for efforts. You serve as inspiration to others. The more companies who choose excellence encourages others and this is good for our souls, individually and collectively. Salve to soothe this soullessness lies in adopting an “excellence mindset” choosing quality over quantity, and making excellence a habit and a way of life.

This magazine and our mission as a platform have always been in part to honor those for whom quality and excellence are their ‘raison d’etre’: those people and companies for whom excellence drives them because its their purpose and passion; those people for whom excellence is of primary importance and who select quality in all aspects of their life and for those who dedicate themselves to upholding high standards of value and worth – all of you, please know that you are all worth celebrating and acknowledging!

We honor and thank you. This magazine is dedicated to you.

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR®

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