Edition #2 – Jewelry

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Discover the world of fine jewelry and get to know incredible jewelry designers. Indulge yourself and discover love of excellent jewelry in this special issue; the theme was inspired by the love of fine jewelry – pieces of wearable art conceived by visionaries, designers of the beautiful, evokes dreams, men and women, all who see what lies in stone and metal and bring it to life through great skill, expressing the love that lies within, connecting their work to emotions of others, becoming symbols of their self-expression and love.

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Letter from the Editor

From my earliest memory, I always had an affinity for jewelry. Not just because they were pretty, shiny and fetching but also because something within them captivated me; I felt a deep connection to gem stones. There within the glitter and baubles lies a soul in this little piece of the earth that we inhabit, something rarefied, hard to find and unearth amidst the rubble and dirt that lay around it. Then it takes careful mastery of an age-old craft to bring out the best in this tiny element that will adorn us, and likely be selected with purpose and passed on, one hopes, to generations after us. Fine jewelry represents a legacy and heritage to mankind and to our families, loves and lives. Jewelry is so much more than ornamentation; it is a reflection of the journey of man and of life.

So with that in mind, we have prepared this look at jewelry. Within the pages of this issue lies some of the classic jewels that one can purchase, from diamonds, emeralds and pearls, the oldest known gem. Learn fascinating facts, helpful advise from experts and explore the heritage and history of famous brands. In a Special Section entitled “Jewel of a…” we share with you some gems we love for your lifestyle from food, beauty and good living.

We also had the great pleasure to get an exclusive interview with a jewelry designer to watch, Alexandra Mor, whose designs will captivate you with their elegance, uniqueness and demonstrate her genuine love for gems and jewelry, and heirlooms in the making. Alexandra is a total gem through and through. Definitely remember her – she’s a name to know in the world of jewelry. We think Alexandra’s future is as bright as the gemstones she works with!

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR®

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