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Discover world famous wine and the Champagne region with us in this immersive special issue inspired by the love of fine wines of Champagne! Each bottle, an elixir and symbol of luxury, a consumable luxury experience. More than just wine, a special region, the birthplace of this unique wine that is the only one permitted to bear its name. The region ripe with charm, history and that which lies beneath the ground aging and awaiting your next celebration. Explore the region, the wines, resources, useful information and culinary adventures that awaits you in this timeless collectible bookazine!

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Beautiful, timeless, valuable, collectible book/magazine hybrid publication, in digital format, designed with a high quality, artistic sensibility & zero advertising, content still relevant years after publication. In your hands you’ll have something very special and rare, that few will have. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is designed for the luxury connoisseur and holds great meaning to those who resonate with the EAT LOVE SAVOR® sentiment that luxury is a mindset and approach to living.

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Letter from the Editor

In this special issue, we explore CHAMPAGNE – the wine, and the region. We also explore what makes a true Champagne, this special wine, unlike any other from anywhere in the World.

There is so much to honor and hold in high regard about this specialty wine. With knowledge comes a heightened appreciation, deepened enjoyment and further developed taste for this exquisite liquid luxury.

The first time I tasted Champagne was an unforgettable moment – the wine was Perrier et Jouet. From the moment the bubbles touched my lips, my senses were delighted. Flavors that exploded on my plate. Alas, this was not the familiar. I felt like I just discovered a great treasure – a secret pleasure!

Read about its long and rich history, gain a better understanding of the area, take a peek at what’s pleasures await visitors to the region, learn about the precious ‘terroir’, serving tips and more. The stars will align in the rediscovery of this much misunderstood name in wine. I hope that you enjoy this special issue. May each page capture your imagination and what you learn here influence new discoveries the next time you select this wine for your table.

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR®

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