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Prepare a Weekend Bag for Friday Getaway

Sneaking in a weekend getaway can be a perfect way to revitalize and refresh yourself.

Weekend GetawayJust knowing that an adventure is around the corner can make the long week fly by. It’s important to put thought into the preparation of your weekend bag. You should pack only what is needed but with enough thought that nothing is left behind.

The Bag

Your first consideration should be the bag itself. Whether you are flying or driving, a suitcase is impractical. The size of a suitcase may not be a hindrance but you just don’t need that many articles of clothing for a short weekend away. Instead, opt for a stylish and functional soft sided weekend bag. Leather or canvas are your best options for durability and functionality. Both will offer your contents protection from the elements and are the least likely to become stained or soiled should you have an unexpected spill in the bag. Invest in something reliable and fabulous such as a Louis Vuitton Keepall and you will always have a weekend bag that is ready to go.

What’s Inside

Consider what your weekend will include. Be sure to include the essentials that are key to the theme of the weekend such as swimsuit and beach hat or hiking shoes and water bottle. Pack clothing that is lightweight and wrinkle resistant and plan articles of clothing that can be easily layered. While you are not limited to neutral colours, only include pieces that work well together. Keep your clothing simple and add some flair with a beautiful necklace or earrings. Regardless of the weather, always include a scarf or pashmina for the evening. Wearing a pashmina is another way to add some sophistication to a wardrobe of basic pieces and great to ward off an unexpected evening chill.

Toiletries and Extras

A weekend bag has no place for large shampoo bottles or creams. Try to find sample sizes of your favorite products. If samples are not available, invest in small plastic bottles that can be filled with your must-have products. Not only does this take up less room but these are essential if your bag is carry-on for a flight due to liquid restrictions on planes. Toss in an ipod if an early morning walk is an essential part of your routine and be sure to remember your camera to capture memories of your time away.

Once you have mastered the art of preparing a weekend bag you can let your mind relax and enjoy not only the trip itself but the anticipation of the trip in the days leading up to it.

by Carol Smyth

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