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INTERVIEW | A Moment With… Alina Reyzelman of Elite Club, Luxury Lifestyle Management

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ELITE CLUB | Luxury Life Style Management Company

alina reyzelman

Alina Reyzelman is an entrepreneur based in Moscow, London and Los Angeles. Her core businesses, under the umbrella of Berkeley Enterprises, include a nutrition and wellness project, entertainment, alternative investments, lifestyle and luxury consulting. Elite Club, Ltd. is a luxury lifestyle advisor offering creative solutions, innovative ideas, convenience, and discretion. Elite Club, Ltd. offers luxury lifestyle consulting helping individuals bypass the need to have various agents or companies booking travel, organizing events, or simply searching for exquisite items from around the world. We chatted with Alina about the Elite Club to learn more about the founder, their services and to get her insights into Luxury Lifestyle Management, a valuable service for the time-strapped affluent.

What is the Elite Club and what is its mission?

Elite Club is a Luxury Life Style management and consulting company. Our mission is to provide our clients with exclusive access to luxury services and products through our services and trough our online guide/magazine. We offer creative solutions, innovative ideas, convenience, and discretion when we book trips or manage events for our clients. We believe that Elite Club is different because our team combines highly professional standards with a tailored service to meet clients’ individual needs. We are international team and we offer unique consulting services and one of a kind perspective on luxury.

Tell us about the services you offer and the market you serve?

Elite Club offers bespoke lifestyle services are a guarantee of first class service. We try to offer to clients best luxury options based on their taste, needs, wishes and budget. Elite Club offers the “full package” – you don’t have to use various agents or companies to book your travel, organize an event and look for an exquisite gift. We will do it all for you. Elite Club also offers exciting content about the most amazing travel destinations, exclusive gifts, elite real estate and more. Weekly editorial content provides an insight into latest trends, new collections, information about most desired destinations and most exclusive gifts.

What sets in the Elite Club apart from other luxury lifestyle management companies?

Elite Club offers a wide range of bespoke services for every aspect of a luxurious life style. Elite Club does not work with intermediaries or dealers, we work directly with the service providers and are able to offer our clients the best in class – super yachts, private jets, elite real estate and private wealth management.

What inspired you to start the Elite Club?

I believe there was a niche for such services back in 2007. So, when I found the company we used a different business model and offered standard concierge services. However, the company evolved over the years. Last year we decided to focus only on bespoke services and we also launched online luxury guide. We are a boutique company and we are still going through a few changes. Like any business we want to develop, learn, and be best in class.

What do you use see as the future of luxury lifestyle management companies?

I think North America is still the future for luxury demand and growth. So companies offering exclusive services in that part of the world would definitely benefit from it. Emerging markets such as Middle East, Russia/Caspian and China are also lucrative markets for companies that work in luxury lifestyle management. I think in order to stay on top of the game it’s important to be creative, flexible and always follow the trends.

What do you think it makes a luxury lifestyle management company excellent?

Discretion, first class services, and professionalism.

What do you wish people knew about using luxury lifestyle management services?

It’s very expansive.

What is your vision for the future of the Elite Club?

It would be great to expand and work in such markets as UAE, China and Caspian region. We want to become credible online publication and build a global brand. At the moment we are just focusing on developing our bespoke services and making sure we have the best luxury management solutions.

How do you keep up on the industry trends and changes in emerging markets and cultural needs of global clients?

Understanding cultural differences is vital. Knowing customs and etiquette is crucial while dealing with high network individuals from various parts of the world. Elite Club works with many luxury hotels, travel agents and other luxury services providers and always stays on top of the news. We network, we read, we travel and we always learn.

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