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How to Match Perfume to Your Style

Image by © Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis
Image by © Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis

A potent accessory that plays with the senses, enhances the mood and draws the attention of a room, the right perfume is The secret weapon when it comes to personal style.

Often overlooked, perfume plays a pivotal role in fashion, offering more insight into ones personality than a pair of designer heels or luxury timepiece. Whether worn as a power boost for that all-important pitch, or dabbed on in all the right places for charming the apple of your eye, perfume is the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit.

How to Match Perfume to Your Style

Fragrance can make you feel more confident during the day, at work or on a date, but it is important to match your fragrance to your style.

Daytime Fragrance Wear

During the day your fragrance should be understated and elegant, much like a casual outfit. Choose perfumes that contain lighter notes such as citrus, fruits, aromatics, florals, woods and moss. Colognes, Chypre’s, Fougere’s (for men) and light or fruity florals work particularly well during the day.

Fragrance at Work

For work, wear a comfortable yet confident fragrance that will make you feel assertive and in control. Again, lighter notes work well as you don’t want the scent to be too overpowering, but you can be a little more daring with spice, leather and vanilla notes that add depth and strength to a fragrance. Consider colognes, Chypre’s, Fougere’s, Floral Bouquets and Soft Orientals.

Fragrance in the Evening

For a date or an evening event, you can be more daring and let your perfume stand out and be noticed – team with a simple black dress and heels to let your perfume do the talking. Perfumes with deeper and strong base notes such as sweet gourmand, smoky, leather, vanilla and woody notes work well when you want to make an impression. For added seduction and allure an exotic Oriental perfume is a great choice. Choose fragrances containing aphrodisiac notes such as patchouli, vetiver, musk and heady white floral ylang if your plan is seduction, but don’t overdo it. A gentle dab on your neck just under the earlobe and a spritz on the wrist should be just enough to give your admirer a hint of your scent.

Tips courtesy of DECO LONDON: British perfume house, Deco London, is all too aware of the importance a perfume plays, so has made it easy for you to match your style with its six unique Eau de Parfums, 3 for women and 3 for men. Paying homage to the roaring twenties, a time that saw women becoming more independent and gentlemen increasingly concerned with their looks and grooming, Deco London perfectly captures the elegance and glamour of the fabulous Art Deco era with its perfume offering. www.deco-london.com

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