On November 1, 2017, The Luxury Education Foundation (LEF) will host its 13th Annual Luxury Round Table event at Spring Studios in New York City.

The LEF Luxury Round Table (LRT) is an annual panel discussion in which industry leaders share their views on current trends and challenges facing the industry with an enthusiastic group of business and design students, alumni and friends of LEF. The event targets an audience of approximately 150 and is designed to inspire the future business and creative leaders in luxury.

Participating Panelists

This year’s participating panelists will be LEF Advisory Board members Fabio Leoncini, Chairman of Mr. & Mrs. Italy and Jean-Marc Bellaiche, SVP of Strategy & Business Development at Tiffany & Co. Joining them will be Riccardo Pozzoli, Co-founder and CEO of The Blonde Salad. Ketty Maisonrouge, Adjunct Faculty at Columbia Business School and President of LEF will be the moderator.

Reception Sponsors

A reception will immediately follow the panel discussion with cocktails donated by Remy Cointreau. This year’s 2017 Annual Luxury Round Table is generously sponsored by Spring Studios.

About The Luxury Education Foundation

LEF was established in 2004, is a public not-for-profit organization focused on shaping future business leaders through 16 global, interdisciplinary educational programs and one-on-one mentorships with CEOs and leading executives in the luxury world.

Creative Approach to Challenges

LEF focuses on how to creatively approach challenges, reinvent business models and broaden the meaning of education by developing skills that are applicable to any industry. LEF aims to instill in their select group of students and Alumni — starting in the classroom, and continuing throughout their entire professional journey — the highest standards of excellence, processes and work ethics from the luxury field that will allow them to excel in any sector.

Connecting Leadership with Talent

Luxury Education Foundation prides itself in connecting luxury leadership with promising talent, and accompanying them in their professional journeys so they may fulfill their full potential.

Since 2005, LEF has cultivated an exclusive partnership with Columbia Business School and Parsons Schools of Design; and has added Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2013. Across LEF’s16 programs, over 600 students have begun their professional journey with the rigor and discipline learned from their LEF luxury experiences.

About Spring Studios

Spring Studios delivers exclusive experiences to creative and innovative industries and individuals. Elegant, versatile spaces are unified by impactful architecture and design, accommodating intimate meetings to grand events featuring large-scale productions. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Spring is a premium full-service venue and home to New York’s most iconic cultural events, including New York Fashion Week and Tribeca Film Festival.

For more information, visit www.luxuryeducationfoundation.org


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