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Interview with International Diamond Expert Ekaterina Timofyeyeva

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Ekaterina Timofyeyeva

Ekaterina Timofyeyeva is a vice president of Crystal Group Ukraine, international diamond expert, gemologist, designer, art historian in jewelry. She has an influential reputation among famous European jewelers.

Her works include exclusive jewelry pieces designed according to her sketches are produced in Italy, Spain, France and the USA. She also provides expert assistance and advice in forming jewelry collections for show business stars and celebrities.

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We had the great pleasure of spending a moment with this impressive, talented woman who is as beautiful as the gems she works with. We spoke to her about her passion for jewelry.

What inspired the founding of the Crystal Group?

A desire to be engaged into my favorite activity.

As it pertains to design in this culturally connective world, where do you think the design of fine jewelry is headed?

To a personal design. Today the customer wants not just a piece of jewelry, but a kind of illustration to his life story. Family monograms, miniature portraits embedded into watches or rings, bracelets with the beloved ones’ initials, reflections of habits , preferences, traits of character – favorite tomes, mythical creatures, love stories, births of children, weddings, travels – today many people want to capture their emotions and happy moments, embodying them in gold and gemstones. To rare stones – Paraiba tourmalines, Padparadscha sapphires, colored diamonds, rare opals designers have tired of traditional classical sapphires and rubies. A tendency of preferring practical application to decorative beauty appears – rings for cigarettes, rings engraved with the ciphers of deposit boxes, even memory sticks have disguised themselves as pendants.


What role does history play in today’s fine jewelry design?

It is a boundless vault of ideas and secrets – we’re not talking about replicas, which are just blind repetition of some models, I am more interested in school itself – tricks of the craft, many of which have not yet been revealed, ideal proportions, which cannot be count by everyone.


5.jpgWhen choosing jewelry as an investment what should buyers firstly pay attention to?

The quality of stones. Exclusiveness.

What is the future of jewelry as an investment?

A great one. Today when, unfortunately, wars and revolutions are increasingly shaking the world, a wise family takes care not only about preservation of its wealth, but also of its proper investment. Securities must be managed correctly, you have to understand all the intricacies of the financial world; investments into real estate in the country, which is on the verge of another revolution or war, have poor guarantees. Things that you can always take with you are quite a different matter. It’s enough to recall how many families have stayed afloat in emigration due to a single sparkling jewel, exported simply on a finger in a hurry.

What sparked your passion for luxury goods and jewelry?

The unsurpassed excellence of Carl Fabergé and Jeremia Pauzie.

What is Your vision of the Crystal Group perspectives?

We increasingly focus on an advanced, sophisticated client.

Are there any plans for the company growth?

Of course, but it is a business secret yet.

How do you keep up on industry trends and check the latest achievements in technology and design?

I constantly travel. One exhibition, or auction, after another.

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