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Huntress & Grace Launch Unique & Bespoke Luxury Gift Service


Sophie and Grace, the British born Devlin sisters founded Huntress & Grace a bespoke gift service in early 2016.

The company came about after being approached by a good friend looking to find a gift for his fiancé. He wanted something both meaningful and unique but like most men didn’t know where to begin! His wife’s love of shoes inspired them to create something extraordinary.

Adding to her extensive shoe collection, they acquired unique collections not available on the open market and created a stunning “Sex in the City” inspired walk in shoe closet.


The Birth of a Gift Service Business

Following this success, the sisters saw an opportunity to create a business. They looked to the market and it became clear that in today’s hectic world, time is of the essence; people have very little time with which to find the right gift. However, not only this but people lack the imagination with which to surprise their recipient. It seemed like a unique opportunity for a bespoke gifting service.

“astounded by every element of their service. No detail was overlooked, no matter how small.”

Aside from this, the siblings have experience in arts and fashion buying. Sophie’s knowledge and interest in buying stems from her graduate degree from the London College of Fashion. Whilst Grace maintains a first class degree in History of Art from the University of Bristol.

With their combined experience, knowledge and creativity, the extent to which they will go to in finding the perfect gift is limitless. For them no two clients are the same and every gift must be tailored to the recipient. Such precision is exemplified by a recent client, Philip Lefert who was “astounded by every element of their service. No detail was overlooked, no matter how small.”

Partnerships with Leading Luxury Brands

Beyond this they are able to source gifts at exceptional value, taking advantage of partnerships and sometimes discounts with leading luxury brands. They look to discover the very best the world has to offer, sourcing truly original gifts and experiences not typically available on the open market. As Sophie Devlin puts it, “Originality is key and understanding our clients and their recipients passions is paramount to delivering the ultimate gift.”

Satisfaction in Gift Giving

Central to their philosophy in selecting the right gift is the thought behind the present. There can be no such thing as “I didn’t know what you wanted” and no gift is too small to give. Grace Devlin said, “selecting gifts is one of the greatest pleasures in life, to hear of the delight of friends, family and clients alike in receiving a gift we have conceived and formed gives no greater satisfaction.”

Huntress & Grace can help you to deliver. If you want to arrange the ultimate tailored and meaningful gift H&G are now at your disposal. Visit

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