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How to Maximise Your Monaco Space

In Monaco, space is a premium. There is no getting around it. More than 38,000 people live in the world’s second smallest country, with luxurious apartment blocks meticulously slotted into every possible space of the Principality, which at one square mile is the same size as New York’s Central Park.

While investing in Monaco real estate is a no brainer, premium prices may mean that a little creativity is needed when it comes to making your new apartment into a home. Fear not, we’re here to give a helping hand to anyone trying to make the most of those minimalist Monaco apartments, and find space where you didn’t know it was even possible to swing a proverbial cat.

Six ways to maximise your Monaco Space

1. Go vertical: make use of every space in the tiniest of Monaco apartments by finding vertical storage above beds, above doors, above closets, above everywhere and anywhere. You could even put a bed up somewhere high, like a mezzanine, to make use of that wasted space above your head.


2. Turn room dividers into storage: once you have used all the vertical space, use useful dividers such as a bookshelf to create two rooms out of one, providing extra storage for your books, possessions and knickknacks as you go.


3. Hide any unsightly clutter: nothing makes a small apartment seem smaller than clutter – even if it is luxurious, designer clutter! So why not design ways to hide certain unsightly mess such as by curtains or other textiles? You can also find great furniture with built-in storage to hide possessions you would rather not see 24/7.


4. Paint it white: choosing the right colour for your Monaco space can make an enormous difference to how big or small it feels. Dark colours will tend to make the room small and cramped, whereas walls painted white will make that same room feel larger, airier and more spacious.


5. Mirror, mirror on the wall: place decorative mirrors in strategic positions in your apartment to trick the eye into seeing more space. A well-proven ruse is to put a large mirror across from a window so that it distributes more light throughout the room and creates a feeling of spaciousness. This should be easy in many Monaco apartments as they tend to have large, sliding windows which lead on to terraces or balconies.


6. Glass, plexiglass and see-through furniture: there is a huge variety of furniture made out of glass, plexiglass or see-through material which can also make the room feel more spacious, light and bright. Choose your coffee table, dining table or shelving carefully to maximise the feeling of spaciousness in your Monaco apartment.


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