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How to Achieve the Perfect Sparkle when Buying Diamond Jewellery

All women love diamonds. A piece of diamond jewellery is considered precious, stylish and highly desirable.

But what quality is it that puts diamonds on a pedestal? What makes them so much better than coloured gem stones and pearls? Well… it is the stunning sparkle they boast of course!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the gorgeous twinkle of a diamond shining in the light. The glisten which comes off of a diamond ring or a pair of diamond earrings can instantly capture the attention of the entire room.

Checking the CUT

Thus, when you buy a diamond you need to ensure that you purchase one which has the perfect cut in order to be certain that it will have that stunning sparkle. After all, if you purchase a diamond which has been cut to proportions which are too deep or too shallow, then the light will leak out of the diamond and thus you will lose a great amount of the diamond’s reflective qualities.

Certification is a Must

So, how are you supposed to know whether the diamond you are considering purchasing has a good cut or not? Well, all real diamonds should come with GIA certification and this grades diamonds based on cut, as well as colour, clarity and carat weight. With regards to cut, the diamond is graded via the following system; ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. This is easy to understand and thus it is recommended that you opt for anything labelled ‘very good’ or better.

What Shape?

A lot of people confuse ‘cut’ with the shape of the diamond. Nevertheless, whilst the cut deals with the way in which the diamond is cut with regards to its proportions, the shape deals with the way the diamond is cut with regards to image. The following are some of the most popular diamond shapes; pear, marquise, round, oval, emerald, heart and princess cut.

Timeless Style

When deciding which shape of diamond to go for, you merely concern yourself with style. You should go to online jewellers with a big diamond product range, such as Astley Clarke, to see the full picture regarding the different diamond cuts available. Pear cuts are great for those who have a feminine and elegant style. Alternatively, the emerald cut is something which is classic and thus is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Marquise cuts are very unique and striking, this a style which works very well with stacked rings which are in fashion at the moment.

So there you have it; achieve that perfect sparkle via making sure your diamond is cut to ideal proportions. Moreover, don’t forget to consider the different shapes which are available as well.

Tips and information courtesy of Astley Clarke

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