Haute Horlogerie: Discover the Sophisticated Enchantment of Bulgari’s Serpenti Incantati


Launched in 2016 and embodying the reptile symbol flirting with the borders of High Jewellery and Haute Horlogerie, Bulgari’s Serpenti Incantati testifies to the intensely adaptable nature of this design icon.

Through four new 2017 versions, the powerful fascination of this watch, exceptional in so many ways – shines and sparkles through its tourbillon movement and its jewellery settings.

Since its recent introduction, Serpenti Incantati has exercised an ever-growing appeal. What could be more natural for a serpent designed to be enchanting, or incantati as the Italians say? This highly exclusive and very rare Haute Horlogerie model is a precious watch that remains as appealing as ever. Its impeccable stone-settings naturally make it a gem of time bearing the inimitable touch of the Roman jeweller. Elegant and sensual, imbued with that touch of fanciful sophistication one expects from Italian chic, it also charms observers by its fascinating construction.

By coiling around the watch dial, rather than forming the case itself, the reptile displays a particularly supple facet of its nature. For the fully jewelled version, Bulgari has specifically devised for it a cleverly articulated system ensuring a superbly smooth flow. Visually, this creates the impression that the diamond-studded serpent is actually in motion. In concrete terms, it ensures perfect comfort and a delightfully sensual feel for the woman who slides it onto her wrist.

In its jewellery version set with brilliant-cut diamonds, the snow-set dial and bezel create a particularly refined and dainty aesthetic effect. The entire watch is naturally made of gold. It embraces the wrist with a discreet, perfectly elegant and refined satin strap, or with a diamond-set bracelet graced with a pure design – and which is in itself a jewellery creation bearing the inimitable Bulgari signature.

Taking the collection into a whole new dimension, the Serpenti Incantati Tourbillon Lumière watches bring the magic of two enhancements cherished by Haute Horlogerie: the tourbillon regulator and skeleton-working. The mechanical hand-wound movement crafted in gold has been finely sculpted and openworked to allow light to pour into the heart of the watch through its sapphire crystals. It is enlivened by the central activity of the tourbillon, while its distinctive luminosity gives it a spectacular and unique sparkle that makes this precious watch truly incandescent.

102762_LUP23WGL/12-Lucea Lady

Serpenti Spiga


Bulgari is a perpetually youthful House enriched by more than 130 years of history. This maturity gives it exceptional confidence, and this year its ever-fresh spirit enables it to give a new and highly contemporary twist to one of its signature models: Serpenti.

The Rome-based jeweller offers a new take on its icon: the sensuality of black clothes the skin of this horological serpent expressed in two variations graced with an all-black or a pink gold bezel. The other surprise is that Spiga is free of any gemsetting. Today’s active and urban, audacious and modern woman may indeed have other desires for her jewellery watch. Snaking around her arm, this black ceramic Serpenti watch asserts its difference from noon to midnight – in any moment or situation, with a constant and almost impertinent blend of beauty and casual charm, mysterious allure and compelling sensuality. The strength of the design rejuvenates and energises an essential model among the precious adornments from Bulgari.

102762_LUP23WGL/12-Lucea Lady

Serpenti Tubogas

The Roman jeweller Bulgari has sparked several revolutions in the sedate world of watchmaking and jewellery. It has done so with constant audacity, and never without elegance. The new Serpenti Tubogas models are no exception to the rule. Playing with fashions so as to keep one step ahead of them, Bulgari’s cult reptile once again reinvents itself, to the delight of its many admirers. The latter are far from having exhausted the theme, since one of the most famous and desirable jewellery watches of all time is back and ready to cast new spells.

Like a snake charmer, Bulgari literally bewitches the gaze. Beauty is a passion and celebrating it is a vocation. Bulgari is notably famous for its innovations in the field of colourful gems, and for imbuing its creations with a sensual and joyful aura of femininity. Technical sophistication is always matched by an aesthetic quest and the astonishing Tubogas is one of the finest examples of this approach.

In 2017, Serpenti Tubogas is up to new tricks. The first is that of materials. The new executions adopt a new finishing in steel or gold and steel, accompanied by new faces. The double-coil steel version features a new dial in a powerful ruby red, while the steel and gold version – available in single or double-coil versions – is distinguished by its elegant and sophisticated grey dial. The big surprise of these new editions is of course the new and spectacular quintuple wrap-around interpretation.

Its five voluptuous coils around the arm transform this precious adornment that is also a watch into an incredibly contemporary, unexpected and impressive statement. This five-coil steel version is immediately recognisable by its extremely chic black dial. Serpenti Tubogas is a decidedly avant-garde timepiece.



This High Jewellery bracelet and ‘secret’ watch is a truly unique creation testifying to Bulgari’s total mastery when it comes to creating the most daring models by combining its two fields of expertise: jewellery and watchmaking.

The pink or white bracelet, a first for Bulgari, coils smoothly around the wrist while transcending formal geometry, extending to the head of the reptile from whose emerald or ruby eyes darts a gaze that literally transfixes the observer.

Dangerously beautiful with its tourmaline, tanzanite or sapphire cabochon, it opens to reveal the finest sting of time: the hours and minutes hands sweeping around a dial paved with brilliant-cut diamonds echoing the setting on the bracelet, paved with brilliant- or baguette-cut diamonds.


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