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Global Gourmet: 4 Cookbooks For Enjoyment and Inspiration

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scook cookbook coverThe Complete Cookery Course: by Anne-Sophie Pic, April 2015 | Hardback Published by Jacqui Small

A wonderfully inspiring and sumptuous collection of recipes from the extraordinary culinary talent that is Anne-Sophie Pic, the only woman in France with three Michelin stars. A wonderful collection of over 100 recipes from one of the most influential chefs in France, Scook allows us to discover the wonders of extraordinary French cooking in the comfort of our own homes. With a passion for teaching anyone who wants to learn, Anne-Sophie Pic greatly imparts her own wisdom, knowledge and skills as well as those she has inherited from one of the most. With sections dedicated to welcoming guests, everyday recipes, recipes for children, classic dishes and homemade meals, each recipe guides you clearly through the different processes with easy-to-follow instructions. In addition to a range of tips and tricks throughout the collection, there are 40 step-by-step guides to overcoming even the trickiest of techniques, all fully  photographed so that you can see how each method is performed. Scook is about making even the most exquisite of recipes accessible to everyone so it can be enjoyed by cooks of all levels.


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A Stunning Collection of Lebanese, Moroccan & Persian Recipes: by Bethany Kehdy, 2013 | Hardback | Published by DBP

Within the pages of this cookbook from Former ‘Miss Lebanon’ is an exploration of modern middle eastern cooking. The ancient cuisine of the Middle East is one of the oldest in the world. Despite its pedigree, until now has not has as wide attention. Hummus, tabbouleh, and stuffed vine leaves now receive global recognition, but there still exists this vast and distinct culinary heritage that remains unexplored: from wholesome stews, exotic casseroles and a range of home cooking which revolves around humble, yet delicious vegetables and grains; simple, healthy, colorful, beautiful and delicious. For the past five years, Lebanese-American Bethany Kehdy has sought to demystify Middle Eastern food through her blog and her Taste of Lebanon tours. In her debut book, Pomegranates & Pine Nuts, she provides 100+ new recipes that will introduce you to the wonders of the Middle East and change any thought you might have had that this hearty cuisine is complicated or laborious.


Inspiring You To Eat Clean and Live Well with 100 New Clean Food Recipes: by Terry Walters, 2010 | Hardback | Published by Sterling Epicure

clean start cookbook coverIn this the second book by Terry Walters  CLEAN START makes it even easier  for all, the kitchen novice through seasoned chef—to eat clean. CLEAN START features 100 exciting new recipes featuring the foods we all need more of, featuring Terry’s signature quick, easy, and delicious preparations. CLEAN START is an inspiration regardless of skill level, to enjoy the sumptuousness of fresh, clean, uncomplicated eating. Cooks, foodies, and anyone in search of a healthy and sustainable approach to eating and living well can embrace her philosophy: to eat minimally processed foods for maximum nutrition and to focus on the benefits of eating locally grown, seasonal, and fresh. Walters continues to cause a sensation following her influence on a nationwide movement about nourishment and clean food that’s been embraced all the way to the White House.


Wickedly Good Meals and Desserts to Die For: by Kate White, 2015 | Hardback | Published by Quirk Publishing

mystery writers america cookbookIn this fun cookbook are found 100 comfort food recipes from legendary mystery writers including Lee Child, Mary Higgins Clark, Harlan Coben, Nelson DeMille, Gillian Flynn, Sue Grafton, Charlaine Harris, James Patterson, Louise Penny, Scott Turow,… many of the recipes are taken from inside the pages of the mystery novels and characters themselves and are shared with full color photography. Some of the quirky recipes include interesting combinations of ingredients like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches from Sue Grafton, dined on by Kinsey Millhone, the feature character from Grafton’s widely read series that are sure to make for some fun in the kitchen and on the plate.

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