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Fine Jewelry: Soie Dior unfolding like precious waves of glimmering ribbons of silk

Fronce Saphir Rose Ring
Fronce Saphir Rose Ring, 750/1000 white gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies

Victoire de Castellane has been able, once again, to surprise us with a high jewellery collection which marries the fluent movement of silk with the sensual and fanciful spirit of Dior. It is Soie Dior.

The collection is amazing in the way each piece is able to capture and freeze in time the perfect movement of a ribbon, of the most precious Haute Couture fabrics, like silk is.

Jewelry with Expression and Movement

The jewels are then rendered is such a way that, when holding and observing them, one would expect that perfectly recreated movement to evolve and change to the next one, from jewel to jewel. Movements of ribbons that fold and capture beautiful gemstones and hold them in waves of gold. Or that unfold and reveal a necklace’s shape, like in this video released by the Maison, and showing the Noué Necklace savoir-faire:

Dior, Gros Grain Saphir Bracelet
Dior, Gros Grain Saphir Bracelet. 750/1000 white gold, diamonds and sapphires

Or, again, the triumph of swirls gently encircling the sparkling beauty of gemstones in the Galon ring.

“When you play with a ribbon, it’s instinctive, ephemeral, and I wanted to keep that notion of freedom. – Victoire de Castellane”.

Soie Dior High Jewellery Collection reveals jewels coming to life thanks to the highest of high jewellery craftsmanship, able to render the ribbon’s free and articulated movements by setting diamonds of different cuts – marquise, baguette, oval, pear, brilliant – and mounting them at different heights to better highlight the fabric’s shiny finish, in a sort of baroque-styled flamboyant creation. Soie Dior is a precious movement frozen in time, where each creation anticipates the next one, in a continuum of unfurling baroque-like ribbons of silk.

Dénoué Diamant Necklace. 750/1000 white and yellow gold, diamonds and yellow diamonds
Dénoué Diamant Necklace. 750/1000 white and yellow gold, diamonds and yellow diamonds
Plumetis Diamant Jaune Earrings
Plumetis Diamant Jaune Earrings. 750/1000 white gold, diamonds, yellow diamonds and spessartite garnets


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