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Q – How do I Order EAT LOVE SAVOR Print Editions?

A – Online, printed on-demand and shipped worldwide. Because our editions are immersive luxury experiences, keepsake collectibles, we offer them ordered A La Carte, printed on demand and give you open access to the entire collection, anytime. They are created like Books and sold like Books. Our print and distribution partner is MAGCLOUD. There is no minimum or maximum when ordering. Visit the EAT LOVE SAVOR Magcloud storefront to purchase.

For even more, you can also sign up for a Premium Subscription here.

Q – Do you offer volume discounts?

A – Yes. Whenever you buy 10 or more print copies, you receive a discount off the printing costs. Single purchase up to 100 copies. Over 100 copies, print costs can be negotiated with MagCloud. We invite Individuals, Corporate and Organizations to purchase our print issues, whether 1 or 100s of copies. (Quantity 1 – 9 copiesBase price  / Quantity 10 – 49 copies = Discount 15%  / Quantity 50 – 99 copies  = Discount 20%  / Quantity 100+ copies = Discount 25%)

Volume discount calculates automatically. Ships worldwide. Visit our Magcloud storefront and use the calculator to estimate costs for the editions and numbers you desire.

Q – Where do I go to purchase print issues?

A – We have an online storefront where you can preview and purchase from our collection of timeless editions. Visit the EAT LOVE SAVOR Magcloud storefront to purchase.

Q – Do I need a MagCloud account to order print editions?

A – We encourage you to create a MagCloud account prior to placing any orders so that you can view your order status and access tracking information at any time. With that said, we do not require a Magcloud account to purchase print copies, just make sure you include an email address during checkout where we can send your receipt and any updates on your order. A MagCloud account is required for all digital purchases made on MagCloud.com, and for saving free digital publications to your Digital Library. This allows us to store your digital purchases for reading or downloading in the future. If you would prefer to make a purchase on MagCloud.com without creating a MagCloud account, you will need to remove any digital items from your cart prior to continuing with our checkout process.

Q – How do I learn when there are new releases?

A – SIGN UP: Sign up to become a Registered ReaderRegistered Readers are informed of New Releases and receive special invitations, offers and access to events. For more information or assistance, contact EAT LOVE SAVOR concierge @eatlovesavor.com

Q – Why is EAT LOVE SAVOR only available to purchase On-Demand and not more widely available?

A – In short – we aren’t meant for everyone. And if we mass produced our titles, they would not be as special. In addition, rather than taking the usual approach, our magazines were conceived by the desire to be more inspiring, informational, enchanting. Each one is free of advertising, a timeless immersive luxury experience with content
relevant years after publication. Truly collectible keepsakes and their content is evergreen. Typically magazines have been mass produced and warehoused and are filled with seasonal content designed only for the moment. We chose not to. The magazine industry’s printing of large quantities of paper products has a negative environmental impact; with the use of a wide range of potentially hazardous chemicals, requires energy, and generates wastes, the cumulative impact of which can be substantial, affecting air, water, and land. EAT LOVE SAVOR® editions are printed on demand via its print partner, MagCloud, a more eco solution because their system and equipment is more sustainable, produces fresh  magazines only when needed whether you order 1 or 100s of our magazines. Worldwide shipping.

Q – What are the specifications of the magazine?

A – Our magazines are printed Perfect Bound and on high quality paper:  Perfect bound publications have a square glued binding similar to a paperback book that offers a more professional feel are printed on 80# text stock, while the cover is printed on a heavier 80# cover stock with a satin UV coating.  MagCloud prints our magazines on demand whenever you order one or more copies. All publications are printed in full color with a full bleed on HP Indigo digital presses . These commercial presses have been calibrated to provide a high quality output of all our magazines, from crisp text to brilliant graphics. All publications are printed on paper that is FSC-certified and acid-free . Satin finish for a glare-free reading experience.

Q – What currency can I pay in?

MagCloud accepts payment in US dollars only, via credit card or PayPal. All pricing displayed on our site is in USD($).

Q – Do you have a volume/bulk discount?

A – Whenever you buy 10 or more print copies receive a discount off the printing costs. Note that discounts cannot be
combined, so in the case of competing discounts – for example, ordering 20 or more copies of something during a
site-wide sale – the higher of the two discounts will be applied.

Q – What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

A – On the MagCloud website, you can use a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card to pay for
your order, or you have the option to checkout using PayPal

Q – Are there minimum or maximum order quantities?

A – There are no minimum or maximum order quantities – you can order thousands, hundreds or a single copy, no problem! Also keep in mind that a very large order could potentially lengthen the delivery time, as it will take more time to print. In addition, for shipments outside the US, Canada and the UK, larger orders may be subject to higher customs fees and import duties.

Q – What countries can I ship my order to?

A – MagCloud ships orders of all sizes worldwide, although shipping carriers and delivery times vary by country. Visit the Pricing page to use our pricing calculator and see the shipping options for your country. For shipments outside the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the recipient is responsible for any customs fees and import duties levied by the destination country, which could cause delays beyond the original delivery estimate.

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