Essential Summer Beauty

Summer beauty is a carefree time of year for makeup and everyone wants that sun-kissed look but it shouldn’t be at the expense of how we take care of our skin.

Even more protection is needed for skin being exposed to the sun and water. With a few essentials at your make up table and in your bag, you’ll have the season covered leaving you looking and feeling great too!

Moisture and Sunscreen

Moisturizing and using a sunblock beneath your makeup is essential in the summer months to keeping your skin protected and hydrated. Most moisturizers with SPF aren’t much beyond an SPF 15 which may only go so far as to protect you in fluorescent lighting. Sun exposed skin needs more, so using a sunblock in addition to your moisturizer, something in the SPF 40 range will cover you well though don’t go too high. An SPF 75 is actually thought not to be good for the skin. Another great way to get your face covered with a light, protective covering that will also even out your skin-tone and brighten it, is the Daily Face Protector Clinique City Block with SPF 40 (a personal favorite). Coverage and the added bonus of evened skin tone is a great combination for summer skin!


Summer beauty is not complete without a great bronzer! There are so many brands and formulas to choose from. There are a few ways you can get that safe, sun-kissed look. You can use a self tanning cream on your well exfoliated body and build up an all over glow. Or when applying your SPF body cream, why not add in some bronzing cream for temporary sun kissed look. When applying your facial moisturizer, mix in a touch of bronzing cream for a subtle glow. Or just get it by using a bronzing powder. Brush it on in all the right places to warm up your face, décolleté and shoulders to add contour and color. Whether you apply it all over or just on your face, neck and shoulders, you’ll have a safe and beautiful summer glow!

Lip Care

Be sure to use a soothing and protective lip balm under your lipstick and lip gloss. Don’t forget to use one that contains SPF because lips have little natural protection. Carry it with you and reapply it along with your lipstick or gloss for touch-ups throughout the day to keep your protected, moist and hydrated.


Of course, the summer beauty process is not complete without using sunscreen on your body. Put it on before you head out, on those areas that will be exposed. Don’t forget the back of your neck, tops of your ears, forearms and backs of your hands! Remember to take it with you, since you’ll have to reapply it during the day as it will wear off with perspiration or swimming. Covering your skin is an even better way to protect it. Walk around in your own personal shade by wearing a great summer hat, a chic and sure way to keep cool and covered!


We all love those fresh summer scents, but remember to keep it light. Heat intensifies fragrance and heavier fragrances can become overwhelming. Choosing your favorite fragrance in an eau de toilette or eau de parfum are better summer choices. You can even cool yourself in a delicious way by keeping your fragrance in the refrigerator, so it is cold when you apply it!

Keep your summer beauty essentials ready to go, so keep your tote bag stocked and ready for anything with a hat, sunscreen for touch ups, a pretty cover up, and of course a great book or magazine for reading while you lounge to keep cool!

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