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ESCAPE: Experience a Bespoke Luxury Trip of a Lifetime to Scotland

Edinburgh skyline and Castle

Imagine… jetting off to your exclusive bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime luxury excursion where you awaiting you upon arrival is chauffeur driven luxury transport ready to whisk you away on a wonderful escape to explore the natural beauty and select VIP luxury experiences in Scotland. That journey starts here…

Richard Crawford Luxury Concierge is a private service and he creates your dream Scotland luxury vacation. Richard is a native Scotsman, luxury expert and host-extraordinaire. We asked Richard some questions to enlighten us about travel to Scotland and learn a bit more about this beautiful European luxury destination.

What are some of your favorite luxurious things about Scotland?

Many of the Scotland’s historical castles and mansions provide accommodations that cater to the luxury traveller. Many of which are furnished and decorated with antique artifacts. For me, staying in these places induces a sense of being transported back in time and I love to imagine the interesting people who have visited these magnificent buildings and the events that have taken place.

What would surprise people to know about Scotland?

Scotland has been very influential, and in some instances, pioneering in many fields of study including medicine, engineering, art & literature and political and religious doctrine. Some which include Penicillin, Anesthesia, tarmac, rubber tire, television, telephone, Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes and many more

What should travelers know about Scotland to get the most out of the experience?

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals about things to do and places to see. Scotland is known for its beautiful scenery but ask anyone who has ever visited Scotland what their 2nd most likable thing was and they will no doubt say the friendliness of the people. Often your experience will be enhanced with a little inside information form the locals.

What makes Scotland a must-visit destination for Luxury?

For me Luxury is about craftsmanship, heritage, quality, authenticity and experience. With such rich a culture and proud people, a visit to Scotland provides all of these characteristics everyday.

When packing for Scotland what should travelers keep in mind?

It’s always a good idea to assume that regardless of the time of year you visit Scotland you will most likely experience varying weather conditions. Scotland is known for its wet climate so definitely pack some waterproof clothing; also layers are always a good idea so that you can be prepared for hot and cold temperatures.

Aside from the known must-see and must do for the castle, outdoors, whiskey, Road Tours and culinary lovers what else do you wish people knew Scotland had to offer?

Many of Scotland’s Museums and Art Galleries house some of the worlds most fascinating, rare and valuable pieces of art and history. Scotland also has one of the largest performing art festivals in the world called the Fringe Festival, which takes place every year during the months of July and August in the capitol city of Edinburgh, and Attracts millions of visitors.


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