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Elegance and Light in Daily Dining and Entertaining with LALIQUE

Make every day beautiful and sparkling, grace your table with elegant tableware and serving ware. Each day can celebrate the beauty of life!

No need to wait for a special occasion – everyday is worth embracing the beauty of living and living beautifully!

Whether its at the beginning or the end of the day, alone, with your family or because company is coming, take advantage of the time to relax, enjoy some time in repose and to dine surrounded functional artful objects. Pleasing to the eye and to touch, the benefits are far reaching – there is a connection between a beauty filled life and deep happiness.

Imagine, the sun is pouring into the windows, dancing off reflective surfaces. You carry out a crystal and gold vase, the sun hits it, and light bursts forth, illuminating your space with dancing orbs. Its magic time!

Food ultimately tastes better when served off fine serving wear that enhances your dining experience. Even an ordinary plate of eggs and a croissant is elevated into a luxurious experience. And why not make everyday a bit more luxurious? That is the EAT LOVE SAVOR way! We see luxury as an opportunity to create sensory experiences in your day-to-day and elevate the mundane into marvelous!

Our Editor Selects some of her favorite pieces from LALIQUE’s line of fine table wear to enjoy year round.

Pictured: 100 Points decanter; Hirondelles grand vase – clear crystal and gold stamped (limited to 130 pieces);  Hirondelles dish, crystal clear; Hirondelles vintage decanter Vintage 2018, clear crystal and gold stamped; Feuilles pepper & salt grinders clear crystal.


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