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Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Introduces Spa Programme Inspired by Hippocrates’ Philosophy

Located in the heart of one of 2019’s hottest destinations referred to as ‘the Athenian Riviera’ in the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso hotel and spa is a three-night spa package – Armonia. 

The package is based on the Greek philosophy, according to Hippocrates; a philosophy that there must be equilibrium between a person and their environment in order to achieve internal harmony.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, which borders the translucent waters of the Saronic Gulf, is one of the biggest spas in Europe and the biggest thalassotherapy centre in Greece. Committed to tangible results, the spa encompasses therapeutic as well as medical and nutritional programmes based on the latest scientific research. The extensive thalassotherapy centre revives the timeless Greek traditions of wellness and balance for both body and spirit. The Armonia Package will help guests achieve mental and physical equilibrium through a programme of intensive yet relaxing treatments. In collaboration with the hotel chef, this programme includes seasonal Greek cuisine and recipes that have lasted centuries, which promote good health and longevity.

blankThe three-night Armonia programme includes:

Santorini Lava Waves Body Treatment – 75 mins: A combination of volcanic lava, sea mud and cinnamon extract creates an intensive body treatment which targets specific areas to reshape the body contour. Simultaneously, essential oils stimulate the lymphatic system, minimising water retention.  This stimulating body treatment targets cellulite and localised fat storage.

Crete Drops of Nectar Facial – 60 mins: A hydrating facial treatment rich in honey, royal jelly and pollen. Moisture levels are replenished and skin is deeply nourished by the use of apricot oil. Vitamin C stimulates the collagen’s structure. Finally, a serum containing pure Acmella extract acts as a natural alternative to Botox.

EY ZHN Massage – 60mins: Literally meaning life characterised by quality and completeness, this muscle massage uses organic Greek olive oil enriched with organic Greek lavender.

Apollon Ritual of Purity – 90 mins: This cleansing treatment is customised in order to purify all skin types.


Personalised Wellness Programmes for a Divine You

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso offers a wide range of personalised wellness, fitness and rehabilitation ‘Divine You’ programmes including Detox, Weight Loss, Anti-Stress and Rejuvenation programmes. All have been carefully curated by qualified and professional experts who are on hand to advise on your fitness and wellness journey. Guests are also offered private nutritional and training consultations from the hotel’s nutritionist and fitness instructors – creating tailor-made menus in collaboration with the hotel’s chef and private bespoke training sessions.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso also provides state of the art equipment such as Xero-Lipo, HYPOxI®, VACUNAUT, VELASHAPE® and LPG, which are considered to be revolutionary game-changers in the field of localised weight loss. The Divani thalassotherapy centre also offers guests cryotherapy (cold therapy) treatments which help to relieve muscle pain and sprains and swelling, as well as improving sleep quality, rejuvenating skin to make it firmer and healthier, decreasing fatigue, promoting weight loss and encouraging natural detoxification.

Nightly rates start at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso from £250 on a B&B basis. Price of the Armonia Package starts from 1,500 EUR which includes a three night luxurious stay at one of the fully renovated Divani Apollon suites with glorious sea views, on a full board basis.

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