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Discover: Luxury Umbrellas by Pasotti Ombrelli, Italy

Anyone who resides in a wet weather climate understands the importance of not just an umbrella but a well constructed and reliable umbrella.

If you are searching for a high quality umbrella, look at Pasotti Ombrelli. This Italian company has been a family business producing handmade luxury umbrellas since 1956.

Finest Quality Umbrellas with Luxury Detailing

Initially conceived by Ernesta Pasotti, this company began with Ms Pasotti selling her artisan wares to one client at a time, sometimes on scooter. Today the company is run by Eva Giacomini, daughter of Ernesta Pasotti and they now sell their products through boutiques in 55 countries around the world. Pasotti has taken a mundane and ordinary product and made it into a work of art with their special construction and detailing. All of Pasotti’s umbrellas are constructed using double cloth which makes the metal construction invisible. The collection includes a line for both men and women and ranges in style from stunningly simple and sleek to bold and flamboyant. In addition to the brightly coloured and patterned fabrics, there are a selection of umbrellas with luxurious embellishments such as hand sewn Swarovski crystals or garnets. Each of the handles are handmade of either gold, silver or solid wood.

High End Umbrellas with Unique Features

A unique feature of the Pasotti umbrellas is the polished ring that is used for closing the umbrella as opposed to the more traditional tied or snap band. These rings are crafted in either gold or silver and the fabric of the umbrella is simply turned in your hand in order to drop the ring which will secure the fabric and keep the umbrella neatly closed. These wonderful products are sure to chase away the blues on a rainy day. For more information visit
by Carol Smyth

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