To be held at the brand new Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center, Luxury Expo Punta del Este is keying up to be “The Event of the Year” for this 2018 in the key tourist city of Latin America.

This is a unique event  designed to bring together all sectors of the global luxury industry, together paired with a select audience from around the globe, attracted each year to the famous city during its summer season.

Being presented at the event, of the highest level, you can see and enjoy, Super Cars and Super Yachts, Art, Jewelry, Fine Clothing, Real Estate, Helicopters, Technology, Fine Liquors,  and Sports spanning Golf, Polo, Ski, Water Sports, Horseback riding. There will also be fashion shows, tastings of Habanos, Fine Watch showcases, Wine tastings, Automobile Test Drives, Helicopter tours to name some of what awaits you.

Renowned Luxury Presenter and Gala Dinner

Among other outstanding activities will be a presentation by  renowned Brazilian Speaker Carlos Ferreirinha who present on the topic of New Market Dynamics Demand New Competencies. There will also be helicopter fly-overs available for Gold and Diamond sponsors and VIP guests of Luxury Expo Punta del Este. There is an exclusive Golf Tournament at the event which is sponsored by Golf Lake Club, an official sponsor of the event. The festivities conclude with a grand Gala Dinner to round out the event.

An Invitation Only Event and Launch Platform for Luxury in Latin America

According to the events Director Víctor Quintanilla, the expectation for the event is that it becomes the Main Platform to launch luxury brands in Latin America. Attendance at the event is by Invitation Only and those invited to attend is restricted to National and International High Net Worth Individuals.

About Punta del Este

Punta Del Este is a glamorous resort located in Uruguay that offers visitors a dynamic and unforgettable experience in the summer season. Every year, the city is visited by over 700,000 tourists who flock here to enjoy the spectacular postcard-worthy sunsets, be welcomed by top‐of‐the‐line accommodation, cuisine, culture and architecture: a perfect mix for those looking to enjoy staying in a top-notch destination. Its beaches are full of the rich and famous, the area plays host to fashion shows, welcomes luxurious yachts and for those who wish to partake, a lively nightlife.

The luxury and glamor of this play area has earned it the distinction of being the “Saint Tropez of Latin America”. In the winter season, which is more quiet, becomes peaceful place in which to take time to simply rest and relax.

Not to be overlooked are area cultural delights including locally produced fine Wines, high-quality Caviars and the arts – Punta Del Este is home to world-class artists, including Carlos Páez Vilaró and Pablo Atchugarry.

About Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center

Opened on July 24, 2016 with the presentation and celebration of the 3rd edition of the biggest Hibero American Film Award, the “Platinum Awards”, the Punta del Este, Convention & Exhibition Center is situated on a property of more than 12 hectares and offers a unique infrastructure for events of all kinds. Its rooms can accommodate more than 4,000 delegates and the pavilion of exhibitions of is 6.700 m2, and 60,000 m2 of open space for outdoor events.

Luxury Expo Punta Del Este

Date: 4th and 5th January 2018

Location: Punta del Este Convention Center
Hours: 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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