Discover ~ Luxurious French Milled Soap

Some of the simplest things in life can make each day more luxurious. Our senses play a vital role in our individual health and well being. The importance of restoring balance at the end of a challenging day is very important.

Sinking into the hot waters of a soothing bath can instantly rinse away the burdens of a day. The power of scent and the effect of touch also offer calming benefits so adding a beautiful bar of luxurious French Milled Soap is the perfect accompaniment.

Around the world, French milled soaps are favored in boutique and luxury hotels. They are also preferred by many spas and those desiring a more gentle cleanse. French milled bars clean well without the harsh impurities trapped by other less processed soaps and so are not as harsh on the skin.

French Milled Soaps: A Time Honored Tradition

Triple milling requires soap to be shredded, cured then compressed by stainless steel rollers that are heated and alternately cooled. This time honored refining process allows the soap be set into various molds to achieve different shapes, and creates lavish bars that bubble up with a rich and creamy lather. The soap has a softer, more luxurious feel, much like satin sliding across the skin.

Due to the milling process, French milled soaps are quite hard. Harder soap last longer than other conventional bars, so they are worth the extra expense. True French milled soaps come directly from France, where the rich tradition of triple milling began over 300 years ago. To be certain you are always getting the best product, choose organic or all natural soaps to avoid the inclusion of additives, artificial scent and chemicals.

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