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Discover: The House of Puiforcat – Enduring Masterpieces of Silverwork since 1820

puiforcat cognac beekerThis family cutler was founded in Paris in 1820 by Emile Puiforcat and his two cousins.

Its renown owed to Jean Puiforcat, from the fourth generation of the family, whose efforts resulted in the most beautiful pages of its history almost a century later that would establish the company in the avant-garde of modern silverwork. Driven by his father, louis-Victor Puiforcat, the company began evolving towards the high-end of the silversmith’s trade in the late nineteenth century, recreating eighteenth-century masterpieces from his collection that are now exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Puiforcat old photo

His son Jean was named a master silversmith in 1920. Immersed in the wave of artistic change that characterised the period between the wars, he was one of the founders of the Union des artistes modernes in 1929, and was a friend of René Herbst, le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Chareau. He was passionate about sculpture and invented a revolu-tionary formal language that advocated adapting form to suit function.

Sleek, Distinctive Styling that Endures Time

His unfussy style, characterised by pure, architectural lines, notable simplicity and the marriage of solid silver with other precious materials such as exotic woods, semi-precious stones and shagreen – is inspired by Art Déco and was the founding stone for contemporary high-end silverwork. His work is regularly revived and still exudes the same spirit we see in contemporary in-house collections.

puiforcat hallmark

Centuries Old Expertise

Over and above the art of tableware, the house of Puiforcat intends to continue using its almost two-hundred-year-old expertise to serve a complete “silversmith’s art of living” particularly with respect to the art of taste and of decoration. The champagne beaker, a unique tasting tool created in 1999, and the range of kitchen knives conceived with Pierre Gagnaire in 2011, illustrate this commitment.

puiforcat cultery

BSavoir Faire in Silverwork

The House of Puiforcat expanded into silverwork in the late 19th century, lead by Louis-Victor Puiforcat, who assigned his craftsmen to recreate works from his collection of 18th-century masterpieces. Their rich heritage is comprised of 10000 holloware pieces and more than 100 varieties of flatware, they are one of the rare French houses to preserve its heritage and maintain within its workshop the different expertise in the field of Haute Orfèvrerie.

The metals they work with are of the finest quality. The sterling silver quality is guaranteed by the Minerva Hallmark affixed to every sterling silver piece in accordance with state decree. Each piece also bears the house’s hallmark, diamond-shaped with a pocket knife profile flanked on each side with the initials E and P. Sterling silver with a quality mark of 930. Plated silver 5.93 oz. or 168 gr. (5.93 oz. or 168 gr. of silver for a 12-piece silverware set) and stainless steel 18/10.

Solid Steel Cutlery

The solid steel cutlery set Zermatt, designed by Patrick Jouin and launched in 2010, has already been included in the permanent collections of the Museum at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

sommelier puriforcatSommelier Collection Partnering Masters of Light and Metal

Puiforcat brings together brilliant circles of experts into dynamic partnerships like designer Patrick Jouin and pastry chef Pierre Hermé, and then Gabriele Pezzini and Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. The House teamed up with Lombardy native Enrico Bernardo, the World’s Best Sommelier in 2004, and London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. The former is also a restaurateur crowned with a Michelin star for his Parisian restaurant, IL VINO. Mr. Anastassiades minimalist creations feature in the collections of the MoMA in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The virtuoso of wine and the master of light and metal teamed up in perfect synergy under the auspices of Puiforcat.

puriforcat sommelier collection

The Puriforcat Sommelier Collection features a pouring cradle, a sommelier wine bucket, a carafe and, a glass for each type of wine as well as for liqueurs and water bringing a new dimension to the tasting experience, for those who partake of the wine and for those who serve it.

puriforcat beaker

Rituals and the Champagne Beeker

The rituals that mark the milestones of our lives, have been commemorated by the exchange of gifts, precious metals make up a part of those gifts. A masterpiece from Louis-Victor Puiforcat’s collection of antique silverwork The Anne of Austria beaker, has become a defining piece of the house: an exceptional object inspired by the original golden goblet now exhibited in the Louvre Museum’s Department of Objets d’art.

puiforcat champagne beeker

This refined vessel, long chosen over fragile glasses has been boldly transformed into a unique tasting instrument, designed in collaboration with creator of fine Champagnes Bruno Paillard. Still hand-made by Puiforcat craftsmen, but reimagined to bring out the sparkling splendor of champagne. This expert tool is part of an extensive collection of vessels and accessories, offering an exclusive tasting experience. The Champagne Beaker was created to reveal the full majesty of the effervescent elixir.

Part of the Hermès Group

Puiforcat came under the wing of the Hermès group in 1993 and, sustained by an exceptional know-how, it now works on re-launching its most beautiful heritage pieces as well as devising tomorrow’s classics with the help of present-day designers.

For more information visit http://www.puiforcat.com

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