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Discover: Diptyque Paris Candles and Fragrance

Sometimes luxury comes in the form of little things, and certain brands have been able to create stunning products that are a treat for many senses, like the award winning fragrances of Diptyque.

Diptyque Paris has been creating their signature candles since the early 1960’s. Three Parisian artists with a passion for authenticity traveled the world, capturing their experiences in fragrances that became legendary candles. Since that time have developed a strong, loyal following of customers who know the value that tradition and a well made product adds to your home. Imagine delicious scents that transform your spaces into sensory experiences!

 History of Diptyque

In 1961, three artisans opened up shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris and they filled the space with their own fabric designs and unique items they had found while traveling. Soon after, the owners began selling colored candles to match the fabrics they designed, and customers fell head over heels for the fabulous fragrances. By 1963 they had introduced the first of their now infamous scented candles and created quite a stir.

The Iconic Store

The two windows –or diptychs –that graced the outside of the original shop inspired the name for the brand and they became the entrance way to one of the most alluring shops in Paris. In the original store there were relics from the owner’s world travels, as well as Italian composer Monteverdi playing on the record player. Combining these enticing features with the irresistible scent of the candles and customers were enthralled, and would remain that way for decades.

There is nothing like the scent of a well made candle – you can smell the difference and the ambiance a great candle can make are without compare.

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by Kendra Murphy

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