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Discover Artemest : Destination for Handmade Italian Handmade Decor

ARTEMEST is the link between the new luxury connoisseur and the old world of craft, taste and knowhow, satisfying the rising demand for a more authentic life experience based on quality.

Ippolita Rostagno

The exceptional artisans discovered by Ippolita Rostagno, a world-renowned jewelry designer on her journeys through her native Italy were the inspiration for her founding  ARTEMEST in the summer of 2015; a site designed to promote the growth of craftsmanship through the digital channel.

Ippolita Rostagno and Marco Credendino, throught ARTEMEST celebrate and preserve Italian craftsmanship, and run this leading online marketplace for contemporary design and craftsmanship in the categories of furniture, home décor, lighting and lifestyle.

What awaits you on their site is the best artisan-made products in the world. Explore the platform to experience a unique opportunity to peruse and shop a selection of over 25,000 artistic, handmade products made by over 700 of the most representative Italian artisans and designers. Such extraordinary makers range from renowned glass masters of Murano to ancient workshops of Florentine goldsmiths and include artists, brands and designers.

Marco Credendino

ARTEMEST offers a curated shopping experience across multiple devices; each product is presented with unique multimedia content including videos, photos and detailed descriptions of the maker’s history and of the manufacturing processes. The scouting process is key to Artemest’s success, while the customization opportunities offered by the artisans give infinite options to customers and interior designers to find the perfect piece for either residential or commercial spaces.

Part of ARTEMEST’s beauty is their purpose – they strive to preserve art and craftsmanship and support highly skilled producers to adapt to the new digital economy and give international visibility to the best products in the world.

To see the artists and explore their vast collection visit

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