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Dianthus Miami Brings Dutch Craftsmanship to Superyacht and Luxury Liner Floral Design

Photo courtesy Walter Vermeulen, Dianthus Miami

Dutch shipyards like Amels, Feadship, and Lurssen are known as some of the best superyacht builders in the world; this excellence in skill and craft has found its likeness in the world of floral art via Dianthus Miami, a division of Dianthus International, which specializes in providing floral arrangements to both superyachts and the luxury cruise industry.

Born of a serendipitous visit to Amsterdam by a luxury liner in desperate need of floral arrangements, Dianthus International has grown to service over 40 ships worldwide, including Holland America Line, Oceania Cruises, and The World Residences At Sea. Dianthus International is a family-owned business that was founded in Amsterdam, Holland, over 22 years and has recently opened Dianthus Miami in order to better serve its North American and Caribbean clients.

Photo courtesy Walter Vermeulen, Dianthus Miami

A Different Approach To Luxury Floral Arrangements

Walter Vermuelen is the Creative Director for Dianthus Miami, and is also a Master Florist, the highest distinction attainable in the world of floral artistry. His pride in the Dutch heritage of Dianthus is present when he speaks about the distinctions in the European style of floral arrangement: “I think the European style is more modern, more upfront…we are ahead [in] designing.” He also points out that other companies will oftentimes rehash the same arrangements for different settings, and this is not their approach. “You cannot just..that’s how a lot of florists work, they just have an arrangement and they place it everywhere!” he exclaims. “You have to see the color theme of the ship, you have to see the materials they use, and then you go from there.”

Photo courtesy Walter Vermeulen, Dianthus Miami

Dutch Sensibility Coupled With Artistic Inspiration

Amy Kreft, Sales, Marketing & Social Media Development, adds, “When people contact Walter, he gets a feel for them, and a mood, and he makes a ‘recipe’.” If Walter is the creative heart of Dianthus Miami, then Amy is certainly its gentle and inspired soul. One of her favorite sayings is: “Flowers are the elements of gracious living on land and sea.” This brought to mind the traditions of the flower-obsessed Victorians, who used flower symbolism to convey intimate emotions and also send messages. Amy agreed that flowers certainly hold power in this way: “Think about red roses, when you send them, it says “I love you” — nothing is written, but it is understood.”

Flowers are the elements of gracious living on land and sea.

Photo courtesy Walter Vermeulen, Dianthus Miami

Unique Creations That Meld Form and Function

To say that the floral creations by Dianthus Miami are stunning is unsatisfactory; the exemplary use of height, shape and color combine to elicit both a sensory and an emotional response. Their arrangements are carefully constructed to complement the style of the room which they will inhabit, down to the consideration of the materials utilized in the interior design of the room. One can easily compare the principles of elegant Dutch superyacht design to their creations, which are lush without frivolity, and created with beautiful, spare lines. Dianthus Miami is clearly skilled at creating arrangements that balance art with function – living still lifes that have the power to move and inspire.

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