• Love and Relationships

    Investing in Yourself

    We seem to have no qualms about investing in our friends, family, kids or careers. We will invest in our companies, our employees, our properties and finances, but for some reason investing in ourselves seems to be something we are not so good at. Investing in ourselves is about more than just devoting time and money to our appearance, our wardrobe and our physical fitness and health. The most neglected area of ‘us’ is usually related to our emotional and psychological wellbeing and self-esteem. Life coaching is a fantastic platform for people who have not previously invested in their psychological wellbeing in any meaningful or sustained way. Many people are…

  • Love and Relationships

    Love and Relationships: Make Time for Your Partner

    Sometimes, maintaining a successful career and a relationship, along with various other commitments, can seem impossible. We all know the danger of not putting enough effort into our romantic relationships. Yet we still find it very difficult to do ‘more’, however much we may long for more attention, appreciation and intimacy ourselves. How do we make time for love? Plan a date night While you may not have much spare time, make sure you schedule some quality time with your partner, doing something special to you both. This will give you something to look forward to. During stressful times, having something to look forward to evokes feelings of excitement and…

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