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Achieve Perfect Sleep with Hästens

In our pursuit of the best possible sleep, we have all employed a range of techniques, from meditation to gadgets, to help us drift off into the dream world. But we must remember the foundation of bedtime; the bed, the duvet, the cushions and the sheets.

Hästens understands the need for an excellent sleep foundation, which is why they choose to only use the finest natural materials when making their beds. Through combining materials of horsehair, cotton, wool and flax, the beds are constructed with a naturally built-in ventilation system, one that is completely free from allergens, self-regulates heat and moves with your body. Working with the natural process and need of sleep, Hästens beds are an excellent  option.

Dressing your bed makes all the difference with the experience and quality of sleep. Hästens pillows and duvets are made with either goose down and goose feathers or duck down and duck feathers, then encased in 100% breathable cotton. Do you tend to feel sweaty in bed? The likely culprit is because the duvet or pillow has been sprayed with glue – however, by using all-natural materials, you won’t find yourself waking up roasting.

Choosing bed linen, check the material quality for a great sleep experience, durability, breathability and great atmosphere. Hästens’ newest collection of Satin Pure sheets, is designed to give you a feeling of being enveloped in a downy soft cocoon. While Hästens main goal is quality of sleep, it also prides itself on a luxurious experience and collaborates with Haute Couture fashion designer Lars Nilsson and Ilse Crawford in the creation of their latest bed accessories.

For more information visit  https://www.hastens.com/en/heritage

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