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A Moment With Jacquine Giarratano Founder of Luxuous Lifestyle Management

Jacquine Giarratano

Founder, Luxuous Lifestyle Management

Located in London, UK, Luxuous Lifestyle Management, founded by Jacquine Giarratano who bills herself “The Lifestyle Architect of Luxuous Lifestyle” has a poised and elegant presence and vivacious outlook on life and living for herself and her clients.

It is her dream to make her client lives into their dream lives. To Jacquine, running this company and the life she has crafted for herself, is her living out her dream life. A seasoned expert concierge for five-star hotels, she takes her expertise and vision for delivering a high level of service to her discerning clients. Her passion is ebullient and her manner gracious and warm.

Luxuous Lifestyle Management is an elite private membership service for Ladies around the world. Their company serves a segment of the world’s most elite ladies that prize experience over extravagance and benefits over baubles. Gentleman will be considered by invitation of one of their female clients only. This is the only way that we will consider to serve them. It is Luxuous Lifestyle’s desire to helps their clients to simplify their lifestyle and manage all aspects of it, so that they can instead be doing what they love the most including spending more time with family and close friends. No matter the request, Jacquine will take care of every detail expertly, efficiently and discreetly. Going beyond the ordinary, they provide the ultimate in bespoke luxury services with  impeccable taste and connections paired expertly to their clients’ wishes.;  provide members with an exceptionally high standard of lifestyle management and concierge services and redraw the world so their private members can move effortlessly through life.

EAT LOVE SAVOR®‘s Editor-in-Chief Angela Tunner had the great pleasure of chatting at length with Ms. Giarratano founder of Luxuous Lifestyle. She welcomed us into her world and openly shared her views and insights into her life and luxury lifestyle management for a discerning female-focused clientele. She has a wonderful vision, outlook on life and living it to the highest possible level for a life that is truly fulfilling and luxurious. We hope you will enjoy this in-depth interview and look into her world and services offered for her cherished clients.

Jacquine Giarratano, Founder Luxuous Lifestyle

Q – Tell us how you came to work in the lifestyle management field and what unique skills and perspectives do you bring to it?

It all sparked for me at a very young age. It has been a life-long dream to build a legacy of service that consists of the finest things in life, where nothing is too much trouble and not even the smallest detail is overlooked. I wanted to create a memorable company that I would be blessed by and be a blessing to others. I wanted to incorporate the happiest moments of my life that would make my family and daughter proud of me, while inspiring people around the world, in particular women (and men too).

Every great moment that I have experienced in the world of five-star hospitality has been because of the people that have experienced those same moments with me and helped me to hone my skills. I love to create events, activities and experiences with so much excitement even at my own fingertips, take in order to care for, and support my clients. My business allows me to create meaningful journeys that my clients can always return to while I take care of everything else.

While time is not the main thing in life, yet I whole-heartedly understand that it is one of the most valuable assets. Ironically, the trouble in today’s world is that we all think we have all the time in the world, and this is where we miss those amazing and truly special moments that really make life that much more worthwhile. I understand the level of commitment required to thrive in personal development and follow in our own paths, and want to be the support and security to the heart centred go-getters. I want to help them grow wildly in their lives so that they have the freedom and lifestyle that they desire, without sacrificing what is most important to them. Some experiences leave you richer that way.

Q – What inspired you to open a female-only lifestyle personalized concierge service?

I can’t pin point a specific moment that made me want to be an entrepreneur and create a female only lifestyle management service but I do love people. Business is about people, and I’ve always been fascinated by people….what inspires them, what motivates them, what sanctifies them and what makes them happy. What inspires me and motivates me to keep innovating and providing a truthful service in my industry – is Independence.

Many ladies work in male dominated industries worldwide – this inspires me and I find it inspiring to see so many women who are out there making a difference in the world, in their careers and in their lives. They are just as strong and passionate as I am, striving to adapt to changing and challenging times, but still exploring the layers of life, which is one of the main reasons for creating Luxuous Lifestyle. I want my company to be a valuable asset to each of my clients, so that they too can live their luxurious dream. Through my own life’s journey, I have identified one key thing to creating success, no matter what field or niche that you are in, it is that success does not come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. As women, we cultivate the ability to multi-task – as such, need additional support, care and understanding.

Luxuous Lifestyle is not founded on one big idea, it is a combination of a thousand tiny little things that make the real difference to each Luxuous Lifestyle Member. And it is this attention that I give to my clients because my job means so much more to me It is a part of my history, that provides a meaningful connection with each member. It is who I am. With that said, being around great women is part of what makes my job and our beautiful industry so special.

I know what it is like to be on the brink of a burnout, struggling to find a balance in one’s life while juggling multiple tasks. I also know and appreciate what it is like to be a single mother who wants to evolve and interact with the world while dealing with her own adventures or challenges, when sometimes all it takes to reset the pressure gauge, is to have the perfect remedy closer to home.  Memories are the one gift we can give ourselves, and I want to give that and so much more to each individual who is just as driven as I am to live a full and happy lifestyle.

Q – Your membership is limited to only 25 members – why the restriction to such a small number?

I do not believe in limiting myself or being just another number or name.  I have never cared about being the largest lifestyle company, I only care about being the best! In time things may change and I am open to that of course.

Imagine yourself in a train, watching the world go by in a blur. As soon as the train slows down the world comes into view. The slower the train goes, the more details you get to see. It is the same with attention, and it is this attention that I believe my clients need. We all need to slow down and attentively look and listen or we will miss all the beauty of the little things that are a part of the bigger picture. I know this is not always possible in life, but by selecting just 25 private members, I am able to give them my undivided attention.  This is essential for my clients as it allows them to reconnect and have a sense of self that allows them to *BE*, no matter where they are in the world.

Jacquine Giarratano, Founder Luxuous Lifestyle

Women are persevering, detail orientated and have an aesthetic sense. Women seem to understand the power of love. They know that when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.  I believe as women we fuel our lives with this in mind. This is what drives Luxuous Lifestyle and I hope my services leave my clients feeling as inspired in equal measure as they do me, to continue being my client.

Q – Your company is values driven. What drew you to put values first and why is this important to you?

My industry is a story of love at first sight and a deep understanding when it comes to the finest of luxury products and services in the world. My passion for exceptional services and femininity are very much aligned. Quality, passion, hard work and no compromise on perfection are values that I share with my clients.

When it comes to Luxuous Lifestyle and my values of quality, honesty and transparency there is no compromise. What truly has set my company values apart is my continuous dedication to seek superb quality, and deliver on what I say – especially as we continue to evolve in today’s world of technology and the increasing use of social media in marketing and branding.

Our tagline is and will always be, we will never rush the hands of time, because time is something we can never get back. The guarantee of consistent quality is what we promise to continue to our beloved members. It is a sincere honour to ensure that the hard work is necessary for our quality standards because attention to details is the only thing that keeps quality consistent. This is not something Luxuous Lifestyle is required to do, but that it is something we truly value and aspire to uphold. It is for these reasons and more that I wake up every day, always with these values on my mind and in my heart.

Q – What are your philosophies and beliefs about luxury lifestyle today?

While the word “Luxury” may have a reputation as a playground for the wealthy, a Luxury Lifestyle is also known for a particular lifestyle built on the allure of bespoke education, health care, safety, state of the art fitness and a high quality of life with a desire for convenience to name a few. To pair luxury living with a dynamic family lifestyle and the gift of life with everything that makes it a magical and creating a legendary experience is my vision of true luxury. In the spirit of today’s world, there are a hundred different ways in which a luxury lifestyle is unique and personally expressed. Full of contradictions, it manages to be at the cutting edge of construction and technology while enthusiastically celebrating its traditional times. A luxury lifestyle may be seen as glamorous and unashamedly flashy, it pushes boundaries that allow for growth and change to happen in harmony.

A luxury moment looks differently to different people. It’s a beautiful warm day. You put on your favourite outfit, decide to take a long lunch, grab a bite with a date, and enjoy a glass or two of wine alongside a fresh, uncomplicated meal before heading back to tackle whatever the afternoon has in store for you. It doesn’t matter if your outfit cost £7500 or £75. It doesn’t matter if you’re hopping onto a private jet to Marseille or riding your bike to the park or if the Pinot Grigio cost £500 or £15 – what’s key is that you take time to enjoy life – it’s about choices and enjoying them.

When it comes to such a lifestyle, of course there are a myriad of options to consider. However, there are some areas that have truly excelled, seeming to find the magic formula for living a luxurious lifestyle. For me, at its heart this is luxury living as a unique experience with a blend of elegance and comfort that matches the opportunity to expand your horizons and stretch your mind to embrace it as a little adventure and the taste of something new in each chapter of your life.

Q – Where do you see luxury living headed given the vast changes across the sector?

Regardless of how or why Luxury Living continues to evolve, my sense is that the overall the luxury industry going to be different than it once was. However, as one can imagine, the understanding of consumers perceptions regarding luxury living in each of its sectors is key for creating appropriate strategies.

Jacquine Giarratano, Founder Luxuous Lifestyle

Consumers’ varying perceptions will always create questions in regards to what traits really define “luxury living”. Is it the price, the quality, the brands history or some other indicator that identifies a brand as a luxurious one to consumers? There will always be hypocrisy in consumers’ perceptions towards luxury brands and luxury living – which are ambivalent and within a consumers behaviour which may very well be inconsistent with self-reported attitudes, as consumers can’t understand their own contradictions.

Luxury and elegance is an attitude. A Luxuous Lifestyle mirrors our clients personal sense of style and life. Everything changes in life – everything has an “altered definition” that tends to suit each individual and their own experiences, or judgement based on individual impressions and feelings rather than external factors. If people embrace change with grace, luxury is only an echo of charm and tradition. It is exciting to seek new experiences that leaves your life richer and I look forward to its new heights in all sectors of luxury. In spite of the global changes, luxury living is simply everywhere.

Luxury living is more than just a place to rest in your head or a something in which to invest your wealth. Depending on where you live and on your view of luxury I personally do not see luxury living being  wedged into any changes just because the market’s going through this phase. If anything, my clients are at such a level that they understand this. I feel that the luxury sector has a deeper value in seeking a higher quality of service now to sourcing the masters of everything else. I don’t feel negatively impacted with the global changes, as I also prefer to seek solutions and grow with them by keeping my standards of luxury exceptionally high.

Q – How have luxury industry changes effected the needs and types of services requested by your clients?

Firstly, it’s worth acknowledging that while Luxury Living once prided itself on premier customer service and still continues to provide a sort of “white–glove” experience, we understand that as luxury service providers there must be flexibility and an acceptance in our strategies or we shall face the fear of abandonment. My clients not only view luxury living differently but they also shop and source differently. Ultimately they seek instant gratification which is a concept that has become prevalent in all buying habits.  Since “Luxury is everywhere”, the fact of the matter is that luxury living must come to terms with today’s world of E-commerce and its constant changes, as do my clients and their lifestyle regimes. In order to embrace these changes we find it incredibly necessary to understand how our clients view luxury in every sector, as well as their routine purchase habits, because these perceptions and preferences are essential in establishing relationships that ensure loyal clients.

Jacquine Giarratano, Founder Luxuous Lifestyle

For my clients, luxury living undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in their lifestyles. Therefore, our strategies for authentic service and delivery change to suit each individual, and are continuously adjusting with the growth of technology so that we are flexible in every way with constant adaptations brought on by the digital age.

Family names and long histories are associated with many of the luxury brands, which has in the past perhaps had them face the fear that evolving strategies could possibly degrade the value of their brand names. However, these changes are inevitable due to the nature of today’s consumer. My clients of today’s world are not the same “customer” that existed during the time when many of the known luxury brand names were evolving. We live in a world where information is easily accessible at the touch of a button and the meaning of exceptional one-to-one service can vary. When evaluating the perception of luxury living and how the  impact of the digital age affects them, it is necessary to examine the true meaning of a “luxury living”, the perception of luxury widely varies depending on each client.

Of course it is evident that price and exclusivity are commonly associated with luxury – always have and always will – which tends to result in the automatic creation of specific groups, those with ”luxury understanding” and those without. It is then easy to see why luxury acquires this negative appearance by your average consumer who is unable to understand this particular lifestyle.

Q – Your expertise indicates a penchant for being a “lifestyle architect”. How do you define this and how does this approach differentiate what you offer?

I define my role as “ A Lifestyle Architect” because I quite literally help my clients to build the life THEY want. Even in this digital day and age, my clients are still only seeking one thing: human connection. Although the internet and social medial makes spreading the word much faster and easier, both millennials and the older generations alike, still want to feel appreciated, respected and most importantly understood. Doing this in such a fast paced society can prove to be an afterthought in most business settings, but for me – time has not changed that fact that human to human connection still matters. By creating Luxuous Lifestyle as my personal brand and connecting with my clients in a personal and relatable way, like you would do in building a friendship for life, I am able to give my members what they want, to create that experience instead of relying on others to do it for them.

By definition, the term “architect” means the deviser, the maker, the creator of “anything”. Very simply it is someone who takes full responsibility for their situation in life and understands that we are all creators of our own lives. This is true whether you choose to believe it or not.

This mindset extended to business relationships and this approach is also reflected in my selection of suppliers. It is crucial to me to connect with my suppliers as I do my private members – on such a level in order to give them the deeper connection too and value that makes us stand out among our competition.  They too must have the same approach to life or in their business as I do, because it ensures the same essence and harmony is present throughout the entire experience, both inside the company and how it extends to the client.

Because I am representing my selected suppliers and interact directly with my clients, being professional and communicating in a clear and friendly manner is vital as I speak with clients on a daily basis. Transparency, client appreciation and customer service blended with a hands on approach, paired with being an excellent listener to ensure that I provide a positive experience and proactively identify the particular levels of support my client may require. I manage multiple tasks simultaneously which means that each day has to be as organised as possible; barring the exception that sometimes things just don’t go as planned…so being flexible to change and finding a solution is positioned at the heart of Luxuous Lifestyle – thus making our services customer centric. This is the only way to make sense of change, to plunge into it, move with it and join in the dance – whilst remaining loyal to my clients!

Q – Tell us about your ideal client. Who is she?

Jacquine Giarratano, Founder Luxuous Lifestyle

My clients are HNWI and UHNWI who travel extensively and live in various countries around the world, ranging from North America to Europe and Asia, the USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK and the Middle East. My clients are highly informed and educated. They travel extensively for their demanding careers and to see their families so it is my duty is to provide an conscientious service about new developments and services where patience is key and the trust factor is exceptionally high in providing my clients with total discretion and anonymity. To what I deliver, I bring my creativity, time management, communication and analytical reasoning skills… some of my strengths for the benefit of my clients

My client is on the same premium buying strategy as to what Luxuous Lifestyle is (pay more get more). She understands that the Quality/Price ratio is the motto in business and this strategy is by essence comparative. I am here to find the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that Luxuous Lifestyle provides. She is loyal to us and, frequently uses our services, and is likely to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

Overall, my ideal client understands that Luxury is the expression of distinctive taste, of a creative identity because luxury makes the bold statement “this is who I am,” not “that which I depend on”. While Coco Chanel was a pioneering lady in her day, there is no shortage of such inspirational ladies who are either at the top of their game or striving to achieve their own personal goals. These are women who inspire and teach us, who are raising families, live demanding lifestyles and are either building or running successful companies at the same time as making a difference in this world. They are powerful women who appreciate life and believe that like me, there is no distance to far and no length too great to get what you want.

She identifies with us as we do with her, in her individual identity which gives her that particularly powerful feeling of uniqueness, timelessness, and the authenticity of permanence, like with Chanel, in her was an identity, but not a positioning. Identity is not divisible, it is not negotiable– it simply is. Luxury is superlative, and not comparative. I prefer to be faithful to an identity, and our client rather than to always be worrying about where it stands in relation to a competitor. When it comes to luxury, my client is as unique as the services I provide, and not by any comparison of a marketing strategy.  Because of this, it is impossible to fully define my “target or ideal client” because each individual is so completely unique and lives a unique life. In French we say “les anglaise chacun a’ leur”  which in translated means, “To each his own” which may be idiomatic, in my experience, or “each one to her own taste”.

Q – Offering such services must keep you extraordinarily busy. What are some of the things you do for yourself to manage and create a lovely lifestyle for yourself?

I am also here to demonstrate by example how you too can live your dream by being your lifestyle architect. Why? Because you are worth it. Life is worth it and you can spend your time the way you want it. You can spend more time with your loved ones. Have your children grow up and remember you being around and present for them. Make moments in time that create lasting memories, experience sublime travel when you choose, and not only when there is an open week your calendar. I want you to take that weekend road trips just to explore more and be blessed by others around you as you are to them.

I am here to help you relieve stress, have more time and money to take better care of yourself so that you get to live a long life of value and purpose. To give more time to causes you believe in and to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams.

I am doing exactly in life what I always envisioned. I have total time freedom. I can work where I want. I can go where I want. I am a mother, a business-woman, an action taker and always here for my clients! I wake up every day with sincere gratitude for another glorious day in paradise and I am so thankful I am living the life I want. I have intentional purpose, focused energy, a positive mental attitude and an unrelenting determined desire to make my dream a reality.

In order for me to be effective daily and in top form, it is very important to make sure that I take good care of my body, mind, and soul every day. As I mentioned, I start my day with gratitude and have a wonderful habit of drinking warm water with fresh lemon and honey to cleanse my system. Through my passions of practicing various forms of yoga, Pilates, running and swimming I reduce my stress levels regularly. My practice ensures that I take time out when I need it and they keep my physically fit and resilient. They keep me in the present.

I have always been fascinated by food and how it benefits the body, so I have learned to read how my body functions and what it needs to perform at a higher level – therefore I eat clean and take good care of my entire being both inside and out. While I am often not the best sleeper, I do try my best to take breaks and switch off completely.

Q – For the success driven, time starved individual, what are three better tips to better manage time and create a more luxurious lifestyle day to day?

A Good Lifestyle comes with a good attitude, and a lifestyle is the way a person lives. Living can be considered in every way a person behaves in her routine life including their manner of living with family, maintaining a social life, performance in their work zone, thus having a specific image in front of the world, whether good or bad depicts the lifestyle of a person.

Lifestyle also represents someone’s concept of self, how they see themselves and believes how others see her. It is made up of of all the factors described above and in all of these factors, money plays a very vital role in making one’s lifestyle from good to best.

All of us get the same 24 hours in a day. Though it’s not possible to change the number of hours in a day, some love to wake up earlier to make the day longer. Ideally, we know that our bodies require 6–8 hours of sleep to be at our optimum energy levels, and so that we can take in every single minute in our lives. With this, Time management and prioritization  go hand in hand to finding a balance while learning be present in the moment as often as possible.

Three tips to better manage time that I would suggest are:

  1. Keep your early mornings for you time. Start your day off positively and include your form of exercise before your “mornings” start.  Then set the MOST IMPORTANT TASKS as S-M-A-R-T tasks: Tackle the most important task first thing in the morning. And, if you have two or more frogs to eat, eat the biggest one first.
  2. Know your zone and flow –  Discover your own flow or zone so you can directly contribute to the right utilization of your time. It helps you reach an optimal state of consciousness when you feel and perform your best.
  3. Block distractions – Get rid of them. Emails, phone calls, and social media messages are some of the common yet biggest distractions in today’s world.  So much so, that you can end up wasting around 759 hours each year due to distractions. All thanks to these distractions, a task that requires 60 minutes takes more than 3 hours to be accomplished.

Q – What level of service and wonderful things can your clients expect from your lifestyle membership?

There is no question as to what level of service that we provide – it is very high. I don’t dwell on positioning, because luxury is not comparative! When Charles Rolls and Henry Royce first set out in 1904 to become the originators of the best car in the world, they set global standards for innovation and excellence. They were clear visionaries of their approach, their instincts and their values. This is how I have developed my membership with our clients centered in the middle of every decision Luxuous Lifestyle makes.

By choosing to work with only a handful of select and vetted partners in each sector of service that Luxuous Lifestyle provides, every one of them fits into the top tier. We work closely together throughout the year to transform our clients’ expectations, with new adventures and experiences – thus setting new standards for the world of one to one service.

To satisfy our clients individual requests globally and their desire for life’s finest pleasures, being their lifestyle architect of luxury, my business and its services are scaled to fit clients who ask for services that reflect a different take on life, success and luxury.

We cater to the experience. The second most important aspect to remember when servicing HNWI or UHNWI’s is that they don’t NEED another new product, new house, or investment. They have all of these things already. BUT, they always need and want an experience to remember. That is something that no human, rich or poor, could deny – and that is what we do. We cater to that delivering that experience.

This means selling them a home because they can achieve their ideal lifestyle through living there – whether that means throwing magnificent parties, hosting business meetings, or even a place to grow their families. My private members want the experience of receiving something exclusive. Gone are the days of buying something because everyone has it. They want different, original, and limited – and that is what I focus on! I am here to develop my brand with those partners and suppliers who connect with my private members’ minds and hearts – as I do. My company is not about sales, but about an experience and human connection. Making memories that last a life time

Our signature and prestige membership is designed around the art of discovery in the finest things of life. The Luxuous Lifestyle Membership is open 24/7 by paying a joining fee and an annual membership fee.

We predominantly work with individuals where money is of no object. For those that are looking to join this elite-membership group, expect to pay anywhere from £15,000 per year to upwards of £70,000 per year just for a membership. But that membership affords our members some privileges.

Some of the key benefits of joining the Luxuous Lifestyle membership are:

    • Each active member is working with Jacquine who is available to them 24/7. With this I bring world of leading luxury brands and high end service providers at the top tier sector – which I have personally vetted and rely on wholeheartedly.
    • Each active member aligns her requirements and lifestyle with Luxuous Lifestyle at the top end of the luxury market to ensure she gets what she wants.
    • Each active member receives help and support with her own lifestyle in every aspect no matter where they are in the world.
    • Each active member is assigned directly to Jacquine who pro-actively creates and implements new projects for their personal lifestyle within the luxury market sectors they have been unable to penetrate in the past or been unhappy with.
    • Jacquine helps each member to form a detailed brief and plan to feel secure and have the opportunity to partner in philanthropic activities.
    • Luxuous Lifestyle offers our private members new privileges and rewards from select luxury brands.
    • Luxuous Lifestyle  invites their members to some impressive events and top-end luxury experiences worldwide.
    • Each active member has the opportunity to regularly network with other like-minded private members and attend pre-arranged meetings to present and discuss new business or to simply network and get together to celebrate our top select partners.
    • Each private member receives regular updates about how other luxury brands are doing and what they are creating. So as I try to find out in detail what my members are looking for, it is at that level that it is important for all relationships to be authentic and transparent. I am open to our members and welcome their personal world with complete security and discretion.
    • Each active member receives help and support in creating exciting, engaging events and inviting the private client base of other leading luxury brands in their region if this is what they request.
    • Each member has the opportunity to see their loyalty grow sustainably through our targeted signature events.
    • Each member is part of Luxuous Lifestyle’s leading luxury affinity groups
    • Each member has their own access to our partners from Property development and Investments, to art, fine wine and jewellery, security and aviation…

Experiences will always hold greater value to me than money, and when those experiences are teamed with great passion, hard work and sacrifices that have come before you, it keeps you humble and dedicated. In my case, it’s not just about the lifestyle management services that I provide, it’s about the people in this industry, from my employees and partners to each individual, each friend in business and our loyal clients all over the world. They are what make my industry the best to work in – we are a community, and I thrive on bringing my sincere understanding and dependable qualities to the table to provide amazing and wonderful moments through my lifestyle architectural services.

We have allocated the most exclusive venue in Berkeley Square to host all of our UHNW clients for various events. From organising a delicious 4 course dinner made by a Michelin star chefs, paired with collector wines to hosting Whiskey tasty evenings  of the worlds finest whiskey to attending  the viewing of  some of the worlds Art Collectors or Jewellery and watch collector from around the world such as  Piguet (with the designer or artist flown in for the event) for example. These events will be by invitation only after we have vetted guests. This is just an idea of what we can do. We are able to organise anything as long as its legal and ethical.

While we provide Concierge Service, our focus is on discerning clients who expect the best of the best. It our duty to always exceed their expectations and deliver high end value and quality in our livery over quantity. If the world suddenly ended or your life were to end regardless of cause, would your world have had a happy ending? Would you  be able to say that you took chances in life and that you lived up to your own potential, that you used your gifts and talents to affect change in others, that you got to experience the finer things in life and live a life of luxury?

To attempt anything worthwhile is generally hard and success is even harder. It is however easier to sit and be idle and do absolutely nothing to accept your own reality, to heed the status quo. Because of this, most people amble aimlessly along in the direction of least resistance asleep to the possibilities in this magical life.

For more information and to become a member, visit

Interview conducted by Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief and Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR®

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