Technology and Fashion Merge Beautifully into Smart Coats by EMEL AND ARIS

EMEL and ARIS coats couple

EMEL + ARIS meld fit, form, function and fashion for the style conscious world citizen with an answer to looking smart and keeping warm whatever the climate or continent.

EMEL and  ARIS trench coat greyNew British luxury wearable tech brand EMEL AND ARIS have created the SMART COAT for men and women. This beautifully tailored collection of coats incorporate an intelligent heating technology.

About the Technology of the Smart Coat

The revolutionary heating technology uses a lightweight, inert polymer instead of wires and produces FIR (far infrared) heat energy that is absorbed by the skin to heat the muscles and increase blood flow. The benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) therapy have long been recognized and recent research has validated the vast range of medical claims of FIR, including increased blood flow, pain relief and boosted immune system. The battery that fuels the heating will also have a USB port enabling you to charge your smart phone.

About the Collection + the Story Behind Them

available initially on Kickstarter.

About the Collection for Men and Women

Initially, the collection will include a cotton trench and cashmere blend wrap coat for women and a cashmere blend overcoat and a cotton three-quarter length rain coat for men. The line is entirely made in Europe using the finest quality fabrics made in Italy by Ing. Loro Piana & C. and treated with Loro Piana’s Storm System® to make them water repellent and wind proof.

Be Among the First to Get this Sensational Coat

Available to pre-order on Kickstarter.

Meet the Founder, Rana Nakhal Solset

_MG_6908Rana Nakhal Solset was born in Beirut, Lebanon, moved to Montreal at the age of three  but always remained in touch with her cultural roots which became a part of her DNA. While attending McGill University she met her Norwegian husband and Norway became a part of her life. Prior to McGill, she moved to Paris receiving her Masters and resided on the Rive Gauche in an amazing flat with inspiring surroundings with a view of Notre Dame, and down from the Pantheon. Her time in Paris infused her with a sense of Parisian style, impeccably chic yet cool and classic with a twist. Her design sense is deeply influenced by French culture. Now she and her husband are residents of London since 2000 she says, “I’m part Lebanese, part British, part Canadian, part French and part Norwegian. They’re all cultures I’m very comfortable with and I admire and understand in so many ways.” While attending university, she wrote a paper stating that  one day she would day open a tech clothing shop. “The idea of technology in fashion was already interesting to me, before Google was created.” Formative work experienced fueled her pathway to fashion and tech, including working in advertising for Wallpaper* Magazine which she had bought every month since its appearance onto the marketplace. “Wallpaper* in those days embodied what Luxury Lifestyle was and I got to be and work at the heart of it, working with design brands globally. After Wallpaper*, I worked at Elle, and then Tatler. From my teenage years, I was fascinated with magazines, supermodels and fashion and fabrics, very much part of the family business. I gained an appreciation of fabrics at a young age. To me for a great design, breathable luxurious fabrics are essential in any garment. With my love and appreciation of fashion, design and fabrics I have created the perfect coat that heats and embodies all my passions.”

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